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    Colts lose on Sunday.

    POSTED 8:08 a.m. EST, December 8, 2005

    By Mike Florio

    Okay, we burned up on Wednesday night all of our good stuff that was in the hopper, such as our exclusive scoop on the 2006 salary cap and the extent to which each and every team will be over or under it.

    Now we need to come up with something to start the thing off on Thursday morning.

    So how about a piece of rank speculation, for which we possibly will look like buffoons come Sunday afternoon?

    You heard it here first (unless we're wrong) . . . the Colts will lose on Sunday to the Jaguars.

    Here's why we've come to this conclusion:

    1. We've simply got a feeling that the Jags will win.

    Ordinarily, we wouldn't lead with this kind of reasoning, but if it's enough of a basis for Bengals receiver Chad Johnson to boast of a win over the Colts in an AFC title game for which neither team has yet qualified, it's enough for us.

    2. Division foes are the least likely to be intimidated by a juggernaut.

    They're also the most likely to get motivated to knock off a home-and-home rival that is perceived as a great team. Though the Colts lead the all-time series 7-2, the Jags have beaten Indy in 2003 and in 2004 -- which generally were "down" years for Jacksonville and "up" years for the Colts.

    History supports us in this regard. The Pats lost last year at Miami, and won the Super Bowl. New England was blasted at Buffalo in 2003, but won the Super Bowl. The Bucs were swept by the Saints in 2002. But won the Super Bowl.

    Also in 2004, the 15-1 Steelers picked up the "1" at Baltimore. In 1998, the 15-1 Vikings lost at Tampa, at a time when the two teams squared off twice per year as members of the NFC Central.

    3. The Jaguars are craving respect.

    And they deserve plenty of it. Hell, they've won nine games. Though their current five-game streak has come against a quintet of quinces (Texans, Ravens, Titans, Cardinals, Browns), the Jags spanked the Seahawks in Week One -- and they've beaten both the Bengals and the Steelers.

    Still, the Jags are generally unnoticed nationally. If they can be the ones to knock of the greatest . . . team . . . ever, folks suddenly will figure out that this 10-3 team could make some noise in the postseason.

    4. The Colts might be overlooking the Jags.

    With all the talk of whether coach Tony Dungy will rest his starters after Indy locks up home-field advantage for the playoffs, it's possible that the team is losing a little of its focus. Now that Bengals receiver Chad Johnson is flapping his arms about a victory over the Colts come January, there's a chance that Indy might also be peering around their upcoming foe.

    The absence of Jags starting quarterback Byron Leftwich likewise might cause some members of the Indy defense to take a dimmer view of the team's offense -- even though many folks around the league believe the team is in better hands with David Garrard.

    It all adds up to a possibility that the Colts will show up with a little less pop than they otherwise might have.

    5. AllTel Stadium is sold out.

    Jacksonville has won four of five home games, even though in most occasions there were plenty of empty seats beyond the 10,000 that the team covers up. On Sunday, the place will be full and the Jags will have the kind of edge that they ordinarily don't enjoy.

    6. Everybody has a bad day.

    As the Colts continue to win, some of the players surely have to be thinking about the reality that NFL teams from time to time lay a turd. It happens. It's unavoidable.

    And if it's ever going to happen, it's better than it happens now, when a loss doesn't send them home.

    For all of those reasons, we think that the Jags will play the Colts hard, and will steal a victory. We'll go with a final score of 23-20.

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    Thats a bold prediction. I dont know that a Leftwhichless Jax team can beat the Colts. Could still be the game of the week.
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    i'm really hoping they lose. i don't want to see the Colts go undefeated. no matter how much i respect Dungy i really don't like the Colts for some odd reason.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    yea... I see the jags or seahawks beating them..

    Especially if they clinch and Dungy rests his players and only plays them a half or so.
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    That is why they play the games! Speculate all they want it comes down to what happens on Sunday!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    I like the Jax defense. They seem to really play up to the level of the opposing team. If their DT's are on their out Peyton.

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    I hope Indy wins out. Including the SuperBowl(unless its against the Vikes). I just cant stand the talk of the boys down in Miami drinking their champagine. If they do lose I hope Nick Buoniconti chokes on the cork.
    I.B.O.T. #213

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    I would rather not have the colts go 16 - 0, i'd like to see that feat never reached by a team, it's nice to see teams get close, and then fail!
    "Johnson, we will keep on beating them until morale improves."

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    "CulpepernSalt" wrote:'s nice to see teams get close, and then fail!
    lmao, why is that? I feel the same way. Let them see the finish line and right before they are about to cross it cut their achilles tendon and watch them writhe in pain....well, maybe a little too harsh.

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    Re: Colts lose on Sunday.

    Screw Job
    Written by Robert Littal

    As it stands right now the Indianapolis Colts are 12-0 and on track for their first Super Bowl appearance since they were in Baltimore. When talking about winning and losing Super Bowls two things jump right out at us.

    1-You need to have a better than average defense to win.
    2-Your Quarterback doesn’t necessarily have to win the game, but they can definitely lose it.

    Let’s take a look at the last 5 Super Bowl losers:

    2004 Eagles- Quarterback blew the game with interceptions in the Red Zone and bad clock management. You cannot blame T.O. for this loss Eagles fans.

    2003 Panthers- A defense considered one of the best in the league allows season high 481 yards in total offense and allows Patriots to drive down field in waning seconds to kick game winning field goal.

    2002 Oakland Raiders- Quarterback throws 5 interceptions. Game over

    2001 Saint Louis Rams- Quarterback throws interception for touchdown. Defense allows Patriots to drive down the field to kick winning field goal in waning seconds

    2000 New York Giants- Quarterback throws for 112 yards off 39 attempts (think about that for a minute) with 4 interceptions. Defense allows 34 points to a so-called conservative offense.

    Obviously now you can see a trend here. Your QB and your defense better bring their “A� game to Super Bowl Sunday or you won’t be the team sipping champagne. At worst, your QB can play average if your defense is good enough to carry the team.

    Which brings us back to the Colts— I personally could care less if the Colts go undefeated in the “regular season�. I emphasize regular season because no one remembers regular season champions but they do remember World Champions. If the Colts go 16-0 and lose the Super Bowl or don’t even make it to the big game the only thing they will be remembered for being the biggest chokers of all time.

    The Colts are far from invincible in my opinion and there are 8 teams that have a legitimate shot at beating the Colts under the right circumstances. Here they are in order of who I think has the best chance to beat them, with a short reason why:

    Chicago Bears- Dominating defense usually trumps dominating offense.
    San Diego Chargers- Possibly could outscore the Colts.
    Cincinnati Bengals- See San Diego Chargers.
    Kansas City Chiefs- Larry Johnson with an improving D.
    New England Patriots- Past history.
    Carolina Panthers- See Bears, not as dominate on D, but offense is better.
    Seattle Seahawks- Shaun Alexander with an improving D.
    Denver Broncos- Running game and physical D.

    None of the teams above would be favored to beat the Colts but honestly would you be surprised if any of them did? If the Bears had any semblance of a NFL caliber QB, I really think they could beat the Colts but as illustrated above, your QB at the very least has to be average. And right now Kyle Orton is worst than Kyle Boller, which is saying a lot. It would not shock me though is any of the above teams trip up the Colts.

    I am going to make an assumption that the Colts D will be good with the possibly of being great throughout the playoffs. When you have an explosive offense your defense as I stated before just have to be better than average. I am going to make this assumption because if I didn’t, the rest of the article would not be as interesting.

    With that being said, that only means that one person can be responsible for the Colts not winning the Super Bowl— Peyton Manning. Manning is either the 2nd best, if not the best Quarterback in the league (see: Tom Brady). I am not questioning his talent and I am not saying he will blow this golden opportunity. He has already overcome one hurdle beating the Patriots in New England in the regular season but this is a much bigger one.

    Here are the 3 reasons that Peyton Manning could blow the dream season for the Colts:

    1- His Arrogance

    Some may call it confidence but whatever you want to call it, it sometimes causes Manning to make some bad decisions. Case in point. In the Bengals game with the Colts up by 11 and about 3 minutes left in the game, Manning calls 3 straight pass plays because as he saw it the Bengals were stacking the lining to stop the run. The 3 pass plays were incomplete. Giving the Bengals an opportunity to make a mini-comeback with 3 run plays regardless of how the Bengals were playing defense would not have given the Bengals enough time to make any comeback at all. Manning has a tendency to always want to go for the jugular and while in some regards that is what makes him a great QB, it also makes him susceptible to making some idiotic calls. In the heat of the moment, especially in the pressure cooker he will be in once the playoffs start, he has to be sure to take in account the situation that he is in and make the most intelligent call not necessarily the boldest call. This brings us to reason #2:

    2-His Intelligence

    A common problem with most geniuses is that they tend to over-think. It is somewhat a gift and a curse. Having so much knowledge tends to cause you to second guess yourself a lot. Former Patriots DB Ty Law was on a sports talk show a couple of weeks ago and he was asked what made the Patriots defense so successful against Manning in the past. Law said that the Patriots moved around a lot before the snap but really had just a basic defense called. All the movement would make Peyton think something was there that really wasn’t and many times check to a play that would actually going to the strength of the defensive. As I stated before one of the strengths of Manning is his ability to read the defense and call the best available play. If he runs into a defense that can confuse him with their overages, it could cause him to be unsure of his calls. Luckily for Manning there are not a lot of defenses capable of pulling this off. Ironically most of the teams who could pull this off are in the NFC not the AFC. The Bears, Panthers, Giants, and Cowboys all possess the defensive personnel that you would need to confuse Manning. The AFC has a lot of offensive firepower but no team has the defense to scare the Colts.

    3-His Emotion

    This goes hand and hand with reasons #1 and #2. Peyton is a highly competitive and emotional guy. When he gets frustrated it is hard not to see it on his face. It affects his performance when things are not going his way. One of the reasons he could never beat the Florida Gators, and until this year the New England Patriots is because they got into his head. When you are a perfectionist and someone disturbs something that you are doing even in the slightest way it disrupts everything you are doing on a larger scale. If the team is going to beat the Colts they are going to have to take Peyton out of that rhythm that he is use to. They are going to have to beat him and his receivers up. They are going to make him upset and start trying to do more than he wants to do. Manning wants to be in control and if you take that control away from him he gets flustered and that is when his intelligence goes out the door and the emotion walks in. Once emotion walks in you see more of the force throws, more of the shouting matches on the sidelines, and normally a Colts lost.

    With all this being said here is what I think lies ahead for the future of the Indianapolis Colts. If they are going to lose in the regular season it is probably going to be to the San Diego Chargers (mark the tape they will smoke Jacksonville just to make a point) whose playoff hopes may hinge on them beating the Colts while the Colts at that point will only be playing to stay undefeated. The Seahawks have a chance only because the game is in Seattle, but if Dungy doesn’t start resting players and knowing they have a cake walk against the Cardinals at home to end the season, I can’t see them losing to the Seahawks.

    As I stated before none of the “regular season� stuff means anything. The Colts have to win the Super Bowl; it is as simple as that. Even though to win the Super Bowl they will have to beat some heavyweights (a possible divisional playoff game with the Patriots looming) it doesn’t really matter because if they lose especially if they have a perfect regular season, what would be talked about how they and specifically Peyton Manning blew the best regular season ever.

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