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    Re: Clock error helped Pats win

    This usually happens when you play at home, a home team thing, but the Pats were on the road.

    Lucky break for the Pats, on a human error.

    It happened so early in the first half that you don't really know if it affected the outcome.

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    Re: Clock error helped Pats win

    "BerkleeVikesFan80" wrote:

    It pretty much says that 52 seconds were added to the clock in the 4th quarter. as a result after the steelers tied the game up there was 1:21 left when the Patriots got the ball back when there should have been only 29 seconds, and then the game would have gone into overtime. I guess we can put this up there with the snowplow, the 4th down out of bounds catch, and the tuck rule for the patriots' list of cheap crap that helps them win.
    This did not affect the outcome of the game at all. When it happened is the reason noone is making that big of a deal about it. The clock management issues would have been nearly the same had this time not been on there and the Steelers would have been rushing a lot more to try and score at the end to tie ... as well as the Pats defense would have been completely re-geared. This whole thing is non-story that people in the media (and yes sometimes I am ashamed to admit I am in it) have taken and run with.

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