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    Re: Clip of fan stripping ball from Favre...

    that was more pressure on a qb than we have put on in 3 games.

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    Re: Clip of fan stripping ball from Favre...

    Anyone else notice which score was at the bottom of the screen? :sad:

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    Re: Clip of fan stripping ball from Favre...

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    I know I'm going to be the Packer fan wet blanket, but that bothered me. A lot.

    First of all, that guy could have had a knife. Or he could have been like that idiot trailer trash dude at the White Sox game a couple years ago.

    Secondly, there was no penalty on the home team. In baseball, the home team gets penalized for interference. That coulda/shoulda been a penalty. The fact that the Cincy coach and players were laughing about it and admitting they were off balance with Favre's hurry up until that happened should be laughing matter.

    Thirdly, it destroyed all momentum the Packers were generating. If you look at the play, Favre had a good pocket and was getting his "magic back", with Cincy back in their heels. Not saying he would have thrown a touchdown (or an interception), but it messed them up to the point where they didn't know which play they were running (the play they were going to run with the fan, or the next on the list in the hurry up), and he got sacked.

    We'll never know, but he may have literally prevented the game from going into overtime. If there was a defensive penalty for that fan, the Packers would have had 1st and 10 on the Cincy 13 yard line and 26 seconds to work, and momentum still in their favor, and the clock stopped.

    Instead, they were under pressure to restart the clock at any time, so they couldn't huddle, and the defense used the opportunity to get the right personell on the field and get set.

    As I said, call me a Packer wet blanket, but that's something that shouldn't be factoring into a game.
    I remember last year a ref reminded Favre the clock was running in the dying seconds of a game and Brett quickly called a time out. That shouldn't have happen either but pooh happens, somedays your lucky and well then :smack:

    Atleast green bay is safe from this kind of head gear

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