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    Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    Damn nice gesture on LT's part.

    ================================================== =======

    Chargers | Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen
    Fri, 9 Feb 2007 09:35:58 -0800

    Jim Corbett, of USA Today, reports San Diego Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson showed his appreciation for his offensive line, who paved the way to 28 rushing touchdowns and the league rushing title (1,815 yards) in 2006. "He got his linemen two first-class, round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world," Chargers rookie left tackle Marcus McNeil said. "First-class tickets from a first-class guy."

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    I love that guy.
    Not only is he the best back in the league right now, but he really is a classy guy.
    Major props to him.

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    I hope that guy gets a ring someday.

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    he is by far the exact kind of player the league wants as the face of an to the vikings, there is no other team i would want to wing the trophy other then the chargers...i have friends that are pats fans and they were pissed at him after the game....but now after the colts loss, i think people saw belicheck for the poor sport he is
    ~~I'm but one Vikings fan in a sea of Frudge Packers!!!~~

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    I would love to see Tomlinson get a ring or two.
    After a three or four more consitant seasons topped with a ring, he'd have to be considered the best of all time.
    At least top three, if he's not already.

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    Wow, nice gift for those guys. I wonder if he buys the back ups the same thing.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    Yeah but he was extreemly CLASSLESS after his playoff loss and the weeks that followed. Whats the word for someone like that? Oh yeah a poor sport/Poor Loser. Oh well at least he did a great thing for his teammates like this and I will still not hesitate to take him at #1 if I get a chance in fantasy football next year...

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    Re: Classy Tomlinson rewards linemen

    What a cheapskate!

    He could've given them more than that!

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