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    Re: Chris Henry is destitute - Will face retrial after hung jury

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "Vikes" wrote:
    I'm not saying I feel sorry for Chris Henry he has shown he has a lot of growning up still.

    It's just people use the 2.x million like he had that in his hands. He NEVER had that much in his hand. He generated that income.

    Right off the bat half his signing bonus was taken by taxes, then their are agent fees, lawyers, etc. etc.

    He probaly had at least 500K - 300K in the bank. Plus now AGENTS are really going to tax him because he needs them more then they need him. He is a headache client, the NFL is probaly going to ban him for the year if he loses this case. Plus he was not collecting money during his 8 game suspesion so yea he is probaly broke.
    LOL, my financial councelor told me that if I had 385K in the bank I could retire today.
    Of course I struggled on military pay, living pay check to pay check for about 15 of my 22 years in the service.

    I bet if someone gave me 2.x Mill I could find a better way to invest it than drugs or the other things that got him in the situation he is in. :
    But think of the chick you could be slammin with.

    Ho's ain't free. ;D
    This is true!

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    Re: Chris Henry will face retrial after hung jury - UPDATE: charges dropped

    [size=13pt]Charges Against Former Bengal Wide Receiver Dropped[/size]

    POSTED: 10:55 am EDT July 14, 2008
    UPDATED: 1:32 pm EDT July 14, 2008

    CINCINNATI -- Assault charges against former Cincinnati Bengal Chris Henry were dropped Monday....

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