"Marrdro" wrote:
"Del" wrote:
Brad Childress is a waste of space.

First and foremost the guy is ugly. Now he isn't Cowher ugly like I am going to beat your god gol 'darnit face in with my chin ugly, or Gruden I haven't taken a pooh in a week because I am saving it for your open neck hole ugly........he is I just wacked off on your chili cheese chalupa and shorted you .35 cents when I handed your change back ugly.

So he is ugly, big deal right? Lets talk about coaching. His coaching is horrible. He took a powerhouse team that was at the top of it's game and turned into a joke. He brings in all his ex-eagles players who suck anyway and promote them to full time starters. The guy gets rid of Hank Basket, luckily for us Chilly sent him to the Eagles where he goes to do his shopping for has beens.

His clock management is horrible, he throws the red flag like with a limp wrist.

Even if he did allow an offensive cordinator to call the plays he would force him to sit upstair where he would be blinded by the lights off of our balding coaches head.

Where the hell did we find this guy? Seriously I can't figure out why anyone wants to defend this guy and his kick jiggly butt offense. OK yeah I know other coaches have had rough starts but got it done after a few years, but this guy let M-Rob go on X-mas eve man, fired the multi millionair on the eve of christs birth. Allowing him the possibility of being picked up by another team so he could make a playoff run.

Don't get me wrong I hope he can. But fact is all our losing is Childresses fault. That's a fact just look at him.
QUIT..... Your scarin me
lol he is a piece of garbage