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[size=13pt]Astounding allegations: Bill Belichick did something friendly[/size]

Of course, this "something friendly" would also be unethical and possibly a gross violation of NFL rules, but that's not the astounding part...

...The thinking is that Belichick traded Cassel to the Chiefs at a discount as a favor to his old pal Pioli. At least three people have outright accused Belichick of it, or at least hinted at it: Jay Mariotti compares the trade to Spygate and thinks Roger Goodell needs to take action, Albert Breer talks about the head-scratching going on around the league, and Tim Graham calls the trade "inexplicable."

The Cheater strikes again!
Don't all trades need to be approved by the league anyway to prevent someone from giving away superstars for nothing?
You mean like Goodell....

Krafts buddy & the one who knowingly destroyed all the tapes in the Spygate scandal so the courts could not use them against Belichick?

That league?