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    Chiefs sign Huard to three-year deal

    [size=12pt]Chiefs sign Huard to three-year deal[/size]
    2/27/2007 7:05:25 PM

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Quarterback Damon Huard has agreed to a three-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson announced the deal Tuesday, but details were not released. A phone message left with Huard's agent, Mike Sullivan, was not immediately returned.

    Huard, 34, was paid $710,000 last season. He would have become an unrestricted free agent on Friday.

    The journeyman proved to be an indispensable backup last season when starter Trent Green sustained a severe concussion in the season opener against Cincinnati. After spending most of his career as a second- or third-stringer, Huard was thrust into the starting lineup for eight games and led the Chiefs into the playoff hunt.

    He went 5-3 as a starter, completing 148 of 244 passes for 1,878 yards with 11 touchdowns and one interception. His 98.0 passer rating was second only to Peyton Manning.

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    Re: Chiefs sign Huard to three-year deal

    I was kindof hoping they wouldn't be able to resign him.
    Had him a s my sleeper to backup TJ.

    FA QB options are going to get pretty slim.


    Quinn is looking better and better.
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    Re: Chiefs sign Huard to three-year deal

    I also heard
    that they may release Trent Green. Any truth to this matter?

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    Re: Chiefs sign Huard to three-year deal

    This is the only QB FA I would have wanted us
    too get.
    I was hoping he wanted to start bad enough
    to leave the chiefs.

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