hhmm this is the no good bottom feeding defense that is ranked #1 in turnovers has the 2 of the top 3 sack leaders and only give up 20 points a game colts defense?? yes they give up yards but you can gain 100000000000000 yards and only score 1 TD...so would that be a bad defense?? plus i can recall the colts defense held the vikings offense to two touch downs...and their lowest point total in many many many years...it was a colts D that has speed and is has heart..how about the vikings D?? how many sacks do they have total?? how many points do they average giving up?? and the other thing why do you guys hate peyton manning?? just because he can pick apart a defense unlike culpepper?? plus he will definately have a SB before the vikes will...and that is a fact..