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    Cardinals new logo

    I heard they're getting new uniforms. Does anyone know what those look like.

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    Cardinals new logo

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "ADubya26" wrote:
    I like it. That is how i want us to change ours...basically the same thing but meaner looking and more sharp.
    I would like to see the Horn kind of like a skewer with a packers jersey on it. Maybe a Bears and Lions jersey on it also. Miniature jerseys of course.

    Yeah, the AZ Card now looks like the Louisville Card.
    That would :salute: be perfect snow!

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    Cardinals new logo

    I could go for that snowinapril. Lions and packers and bears, oh my!

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    Re: Cardinals new logo

    "PhxFan" wrote:
    It's a sleeker, meaner version
    They still suck.

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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    Cardinals new logo

    i think it looks much better than the old one

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    Cardinals new logo

    i'm scared now...but maybe i should be?

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

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    Cardinals new logo

    Yah I heard the Cardinals are getting new uniforms as well. I am pretty sure that their new helmets will no longer be white (probably black). also I think they will incorporate black into their uniforms alot more.

    Given the fact that they play in friggin Arizona, I always thought that wearing white was an advantage, those mofos will cook in black.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Cardinals new logo


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    Cardinals new logo

    I liked the old logo, but I must say the new one isn't much of a departure and looks pretty friggin good to me!

    Still gotta think out there in the hot desert sun, they are going to want to wear white jerseys at home games. I always liked the red jerseys with the white pants.

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    Cardinals new logo

    Now the bird is even angrier that his team sucks!
    It is a new way for him to show how he is pi**ed that they have a terrible team!
    A wise man once said," Defense Wins Championships!"

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