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    Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    Nice interesting article that gives the Vikings alot of props

    Cardinals messed up by signing Edge
    March 12, 2006

    So much for the Cardinals not going after big-name, big-money free agents -- that went out the window with Sunday's signing of former Colts running back Edgerrin James to a four-year deal reportedly worth $30 million with a $7 million signing bonus.

    The Cards certainly got our attention with James' big name, but the Vikings, the other team that was desperately seeking out a veteran starting running back this offseason, fared better with landing the lesser-known name of Chester Taylor. Taylor also got a four-year deal, worth $14.1 million with a $5.6 in bonuses. To save you the trouble of doing the math, that's $17.3 million less than what James got.

    Consider this: James is 27 with a history of injuries. Taylor, the former primary backup to Jamal Lewis in Baltimore, is 26, but with much less wear and tear than James. He has only 373 carries over his four seasons, while James toted the ball 360 times just last season.

    I see Taylor as this year's version of LaMont Jordan -- a reserve just waiting to break out given the starting opportunity on another team. Like Jordan, he also can significantly contribute in the passing game, a key attribute to the offense Brad Childress will run in Minnesota. After the team has had an umimpressive, oft-injured committee the past few seasons, Taylor's every-down potential is a terrific upgrade.

    In Arizona, James won't benefit from teams consistently playing back in coverage, afraid of Peyton Manning. Kurt Warner is a solid passer when healthy, and Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are a dynamic receiving duo in the vein of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, but no one can help running backs the way Manning does with his excellence on audibles and play-action. In addition, the Cardinals' offensive line is far from the strong run-blocking unit that plays in Indianapolis.

    James was smart to take the big money to head to the desert to a much less successful organization, and the Colts were just as smart in letting him walk and saving the money to help keep a good young defense intact down the line.

    As for the Cardinals, they would have been smarter to spread their money around and help a variety of weaknesses, including that offensive line and their defense. The Vikings showed a lot more financial smarts in landing their feature back -- Taylor has the talent to be as productive as James, and you can't argue with the price tag.

    Cardinals messed up signing Edge.

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    cool article, it's good to hear someone agree's with what the vikings have done in FA so far. For me i think by far the best signing the vikings have made this offseason is Chestor Taylor. I also think if the arbitrator rules in our favor on monday(for Hutch) that chestor could be the biggest steal in FA this year.... for the price we paid for him

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    Personally, I prefer the media ripping on the Vikings. Makes me feel more comfortable. The Vikings do better being the underdogs, last thing the Vikings need is verification from the media drones. Nice article though.

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    LOL At Prophet! I know EXACTLY what you mean. And besides, when the media don't rip of the Vikes it doesn't give us anything to complain about!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    I really hope that Chester can be the back that we have needed since Robert Smith. If he can be, I think we have a great shot at doing well in the playoffs.

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    Like I mentioned before, Taylor brings us more "bang for the buck".

    Don't get the wrong impression from the media on this one. They're still ripping on their primary target.

    My guess is the week before they signed Edge, the media was ripping the Cards for not having a back like Edge on the team.

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    Thats an awsome article!

    I think that could be very true!

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    B...b....b....but we didn't sign a big name guy...wahhh!!!

    This was a great signing by Childress, and the Vikes are going to be better off financially and football-wise because of it.

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    eh..yeah financially we'll be better off but I still would rather have sign James then Chester anyday, even under their current signings.

    Then agian, I havn't really seen Chester play so I'm giving a blind opinion.

    Thanks for the Sig LitlHarsh

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    Re: Cardinals messed up signing Edge

    i think that edge will have a subpar season like everyother r-b that the cards have deemed as thier franchise saver. they still need alot of help on the o-line

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