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    Re: Which came first

    "marstc09" wrote:
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    "marstc09" wrote:
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    Coaches can guide all they want but it takes players to execute.
    Begs the next question then, can a player execute if he isn't taught?

    I think most players in the NFL are born with natural talent. Coaching might fine tune some of them but IMHO talent is not taught.
    You said execute, you didn't say talent.
    Haven't met a ball player yet who didn't need to be taught first the basics, and then the nuances at each and every level.

    Talent just makes that teaching/learning process easier.

    This article is not talking about different levels of the game. It is talking about the NFL level. At this point in their careers, I think execution is above coaching. Talent takes over.

    At the beginning of the season (pre-Favre), Coworker Bill and I debated what we would rather have: A new coach or a new quarterback. I argued for quarterback. It appears we may have gotten a 2-for-1 in Favre.
    Leave it to you to turn a good discussion into this.........Shame Shame.
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    Re: Which came first

    Coach all the way.

    Talent is potential. Coaching is execution. Players not executing is bad coaching. Randy Moss is useless if you don't know how to use him. Look at him in Oakland. TO this year. Every player has different things they're comfortable with and you have to accommodate them. You cant just have a fit all system. Those players are made by the coaches who are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Who are able to design a system accommodating 11 guys yet simultaneously working together in sync to execute perfectly. You have to design for each player and the team at the same time to have a half functioning team out there. You can have all the talent in the world. If you don't have a coach who knows how to use that talent, it's useless. Not to mention practice and getting everyone discipline. "Oh they're in the NFL you don't need a coach to help a disciplined team." If that were so we wouldn't have penalties. Penalties are a direct result of bad coaching. Look at Gregg Williams' defense when he was in Washington. That is discipline without stars. Each man playing their position and great pursuit. A well coached defense. If players aren't prepared by coaches they come up flat. This is the NFL you can't just show up and expect to win. You cant just say I got the best players I win. Upsets happen because of coaching. Games are won because of coaching. Youre overestimating the NFL players. Guys are still developing and coaches need to be there. Talent doesn't just take over and coaches say go pass and you catch. This is still a process. And players need to be taught. Talent is useless without coaching.

    Second. Any given team with the exception of a few standouts have roughly the same amount of talent on their team. If your in the NFL your probably not significantly slower or weaker than the next guy at your position. Which makes coaching even that much bigger of a role. Try telling me game planning, hours of film, studying tendencies, making adjustments during the game and play calling is easier than working out, practicing and then delivering.

    Players are chess pieces. Coaches are the one's who use them. And no matter what advantage you have over your opponent, you don't put your pieces in the right places and move them at the right time your going to get beat.

    That being said guys like Adrian Peterson can sure make a coach look good.
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

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    Re: Which came first

    You can play the game without the coach. Cannot without the players.
    We're bringing purple back.

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