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    Calvin Johnson admits he suffered concussion vs. Vikings

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    Calvin Johnson admits he suffered concussion vs. Vikings

    I've had 7 confirmed concussions. Flunked my physical when trying to play college ball (thank God for that). I hope CJ is smart about this!

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    Maybe the league should take a look at how the Lions are dealing with concussions, I remember Kitna leaving a game due to a head injury against the Vikings but returning in the 4 qtr; although this was before much of the resent info regarding concussions was put in place. But the Lions also have had some issues drafting guys with concussion histories like Jahvid Best and Ernie Sims, it did turn out to be more of a serious with Best.
    To be fair it is tough for a struggling team to sit an explosive player but players just aren't meat in cleats and brian injuries are a big deal, if guys get fined for wearing the wrong socks and teams get fined for not reporting injuries on their injury report the org should be getting a slap for sending a guy back out that
    “Yeah, yeah, he knocked me good,” Johnson said. “You could tell. It was obvious.”
    Maybe not to your coach and team doctor (is Matt Millen still with the Lions as a doctor)

    For a league that is talking about player safety, researching helmet designs with outside input even from the department of defense and is being sued by former players over concussion injuries I thought the league might do some sort of token fine to the team but I guess ole Rog is too busy dodging bounty gate and fining players to notice this.

    Should The NFL Respond To The Comments That Calvin Johnson Made About Players Suffering Concussions?

    Not too sure if fining the player is really the right way to go either (still seems to be the Goodell way) as he may not know better or is still suffering from a concussion but the teams and league are suppose to be focusing on this issue.

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    Well Calvin just wanted to be a team player. And wanted not to let his team down. But still the league needs to get on the concussion thing issue.
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    I got love for Greenway, but that was a d**k, cheap ass shot he put on Johnson. Not cool, not cool at all.


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