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    Re: Byron "Bam" Morris wants to make an NFL comeback

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    Dude should at least tryout for an Arena League or CFL team first...prove that he can still play against a little better competition!

    Anyone can talk about a comeback. I hope he doesnt pull a Shawn Kemp and make a huge deal about it then not do jack.
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    Re: Byron "Bam" Morris wants to make an NFL comeback

    "coreychavous21" wrote:
    Never heard of the guy. Any remember if he was any good? I think he has been out of football to long to make a comeback unless he has kept himself in phenomenal shape.

    I remember Bam Bam Morris, he reminds me a lot of Onterrio Smith! He had a lot of talent, and no brain to go with it. He could have had a Jerome Bettis type career and been a good NFL player, but he was a thug and cancer on every team he went to.

    It is good that he finally got his life together, and hopefully he does not return to his old ways. But I do not see a NFL team ever giving a 34 year old RB that has been out of the league for 7 years a chance to even try out.
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