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    Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL

    [size=18px]Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL [/size]

    Adam Schein / Special to
    Posted: 1 hour ago

    I have to be very honest with you — I hate the bye week in between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. I mean really loathe it. Is it game time yet? And the bye is never, ever going away with the new television deals that will give the networks the guarantee that they will get the Super Bowl during February sweeps.

    And here are some of the reasons I cannot stand it this year.

    Calls on my radio show and e-mails in response to my columns from Steelers fans saying the Steelers weren't getting enough respect, with the main reason being everyone picked against them against the Colts. Now look, if you want to rip me, or anyone else, for not picking the Steelers to win the division during the preseason or even make to the playoffs, you can. We print the e-mails every week. I encourage it. But enough ripping media types for not picking your team against the Colts, saying "the media" didn't believe. Hey, you won the game, and the AFC. Forget the media. Enjoy. It's an amazing team and amazing story.

    The debate on whether or not Bill Cowher should've gone with the road white uniforms or the tough black ones. I mean, come on.

    Seahawks fans complaining that the Steelers are favored, and get this, one guy saying it is an East Coast bias. Look, in the NFL, there is no such thing. Every game is played within the same time frame; Sunday at 1, 4, or 8:30 ET or on Monday Night Football. It's not like other sports, when they start at 10 ET and everyone on the East Coast goes to sleep before the completion of the game.

    And last time I checked, Las Vegas is on the West Coast.

    My radio co-host John Riggins had to institute a "No-whining Wednesday." It actually worked.

    The best/worst story during the bye week is what happened to that poor Pennsylvania student who dressed for class in a Broncos jersey. This kid was forced to take an examination on the floor while fellow students tossed paper at him. The obviously rattled child couldn't even complete the test. This is disgusting. Honestly, how that "teacher" still has a job is a crime. And for taking so long to fire him, the principal should be fired, too.

    For the record, I really expect a brilliant Super Bowl. I love these quarterbacks, offensive lines, and defenses. I'm fascinated by Shaun Alexander in this spot. I think this game is going to be great.

    I'll be writing from Detroit all next week, so I'll give you daily takes on matchups and information from interviews then.

    But at least the bye week gives me a chance to make mention of some other very important things going on in the NFL.

    Nine nuggets of wisdom

    1. I love the Bills' move of hiring Dick Jauron as their new head coach. He is a defensive guru and a brilliant man, Jauron got a raw deal in Chicago. He never really had a chance to stay with the Bears long term when the club hired Jerry Angelo during the Jauron regime. Angelo wanted to hire his own man. And Jauron made a good hire with Steve Fairchild as his offensive coordinator. In talking to the new coach on Monday, Jauron says he will have an active voice in shaping the roster. This is a good thing as players seem to like playing for him.

    2. If I'm Daunte Culpepper, now that I've fired Mason Ashe as my agent, I sit down with Brad Childress and company and tell them I want to be a Viking for life. Then I rehab, shut my mouth, and get ready for opening day. You don't want to be a Cardinal behind that offensive line. A reunion with Randy Moss in Oakland wouldn't be wise either. Culpepper should study the film. Look at what Donovan McNabb became under Childress in Philadelphia.

    3. Scott Linehan and the Rams made a good hire choosing Jim Haslett as their defensive coordinator. Linehan, who hasn't been a head coach and hasn't really been in the NFL all that long, needed a defensive coordinator with head coaching experience. Haslett will give the Rams a much needed shot of toughness. And whatever you say about Haslett as a head coach, the fact is the man knows defense.

    4. If I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I am very concerned about the staff that GM Ted Thompson is putting together. Thompson really gambled on Mike McCarthy as head coach. Frankly, McCarthy was underwhelming in New Orleans before working with Alex Smith and the Niners last season. And after Jim Bates and the organization reached a mutual agreement to part ways, McCarthy, who's never been a head coach, opted to elevate Bob Sanders to defensive coordinator. The Packers needed to keep Bates as the defensive coordinator, and should've done everything financially to keep him. And remember when the organization foolishly gave Mike Sherman a contract extension, Thompson made sure everyone knew that the organization would still be able to spend if they had to eat the contract.

    Norv Turner hasn't done particularly well as a head coach. But as an offensive coordinator, he's a steal. (Brian Bahr / Getty Images)

    5. Norv Turner is not a head coach. But he is an excellent teacher and proven offensive mind. 49ers coach Mike Nolan hit a home run hiring Turner to replace McCarthy on his staff.

    6. The most underrated move of the month was the Eagles' promotion of the savvy Tom Heckert to general manager. This will take a lot of the burden off of Andy Reid. And perhaps, help convince Reid to follow the improvised West Coast offense established this season by his mentor Mike Holmgren in Seattle, which featured Shaun Alexander, NFL's leading rusher.

    7. Say what you want about Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder, but he deserves a lot of credit for establishing an all-star coaching staff, and paying through the nose for it. It was a coup paying Al Saunders two million a year for three years to have full autonomy over the offense. Including defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the Redskins have one of the best groups of coaches in the NFL. This is pretty important in the very competitive NFC East. While there is a cap on players, there is no such thing on coaches. Redskins' fans have to be tickled that Snyder owns the team.

    8. I can not believe that minority coaches, such as Mo Carthon, Tim Lewis, Ron Rivera, and Jerry Gray didn't get more consideration for the 10 coaching vacancies. And I really can not believe Gray might actually be off the wheel as a defensive coordinator. There's something very wrong with that.

    9. A couple of early Super Bowl takes from current players: Giants running back Tiki Barber likes Seattle, while Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck, Colts safety Mike Doss, and Broncos defensive lineman Trevor Pryce all favor the Steelers.

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    Re: Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL

    i hate the off week as well. it seems to take forever. you can only analysis the game so many ways before you cant say anything else about it.

    i agree with the daunte thing and i hope that is what he does.
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    Re: Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL

    WURD to #2!

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    Re: Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL

    well.. this is how it is for me every week...

    without being able to watch it.. i read, re-read, and re-re-read things so i get the feeling i've actually watched some program..

    ugg... nnnnneeeedddd to watch foootbaaaaall!!!!

    good thing the S.B is broadcast here!


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