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    Re: Buying into latest myth can get teams burned

    because they're rich and they'll be your friend

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    Re: Buying into latest myth can get teams burned

    1. You can't play Cover 2 all day and have corners play the flat area every down. All an offense has to do is put trips (three receivers) to one side and the opposite corner is all alone. As for the pass rush, a three-step drop and a ball directed at the receiver who is being single-covered takes the pass rush out of the equation.
    Only if you don't have LB'rs in the lanes/zones that the QB is throwing those 3 step passes to.

    I find it simple amazing that some one would try to pass that kindof shit off as credible.

    3 step passes work because the LB'rs are trying to help out a anemic pass rush and aren't dropping back into those zones.
    What a yutz.

    As to AD and him being a sure thing/no brainer.
    Gimme a break, if our medical staff wouldn't have been a bit bolder/smarter or just flat as luckier than the other medical staffs that said he wasn't gonna be ready to play, the Vikes would have passed on him as well.

    Fell into our laps my ass.
    Our medical dept deserves many props for AD being on this team.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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