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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainviking View Post
    Wow. Sure his average per carry isn't great, but look at that OL and QB situation...not much help either! And, kid caught over 50 passes as a rookie for over 7 yards/catch, a true multi-threat capable of getting better. I have him in one FF League, and I am stoked by how many more goalline carries he will get from Luck than CLE's mess at QB!!

    But don't get too set on winning an easy game this week, their defense is actually pretty freaking good, only allowing 18 pts/game and ranking 6th in yards allowed. We best come focused in all three phases and plan on putting a beating on them the old fashioned way, with focus, grit and effort.
    Normally I'd agree that there are no easy wins.
    In this situation I really don't think the Browns want to win the game. I think they want to go 0-16 and have the number one pick in the draft.(although apparently if the Jaguars also go 0-16, the Jaguars get the number 1 pick).
    Granted that is just the ownership/management, the players on the field will be trying there best to win.

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    What do you think now?

    It is looking like the Browns are winning at this trade. Depends what they get for their first round pick in the draft but I don't think they can do much worse.

    Donald Brown looks better than T-Rich at this point.

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