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    Browns draft day decisions

    For some reason, I was thinking about this today.

    Good or bad decision to give up next years number one pick.

    Basically, the Cowboys gambled saying to themselves, we hope to finish the season in the playoffs next year, where the Brown will probably be in the basement, therefore we have a great chance to get a high impact player in next years draft.
    Good decision for the Boys considering they had the 26th pick 4 slots after Quinn was taken.

    Browns on the other hand, well this is debatable.
    I think it was actually a good thing for the Browns but for arguments sake, I will list pro argument and the con argument.

    Well, they just made it so they will get screwed in next years draft.
    The Browns gave up their 2008 first-rounder and this year's second-round pick, No. 36, to move up and get Quinn. We all know that they won't finish above .500 next season.
    This will give the Boys two picks in the first round (hopefully back to back).
    They also limited themselves to finding some hidden gems with the 36th pick in the draft.

    Pro: This is not difficult to argue.
    They saved themselves from having to pay big money next year.
    Helps the cap.
    The only way they can justify this decision, and this has to be true or they wouldn't have done it.
    They obviously thought that Quinn was a first round pick.
    They probably literally said, if we were picking at number 6 or
    7 we would have taken him above anyone left in the draft.
    With that or something similar being true, then they should feel like they stole a guy that they would have had to pay upwards of 15 million dollars more for if they chose him where they would have wanted to take him.
    In the end the saved money and they got a future QB a year earlier than expected which gives him time to grow in their system.

    Also, Quinn had 29 wins in 46 collegiate starts. He ranks in the top 10 in NCAA Division I history in career pass attempts (seventh), passing yards (10th) and touchdown passes (ninth).
    Plus the fact that he is a native of Ohio and he use to root for the Brown as a child sure does give him an incentive to play hard and live out his dream.

    Please add your own Pros and Cons if you would like.

    If it was the Vikings, I would have been happy with their decision to give up next years pick.

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    Re: Browns draft day decisions

    It was a gutsy move that is for sure.
    I hope for the Browns sake, Crennel isn't putting the franchise on Weis' back.
    Of course Weis is going to want his player to succeed, part of succeeding is getting the chance, you can't trust the coach of a player to give you an unbiased opinion.

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    Re: Browns draft day decisions

    I think it was a great move by them.. Don't forget they could always trade up next year and get a first round draft pick again..
    THey got two franchise type players in the first round, and with free agency and trades possible for next year, I don;t think they'll miss their first rounder draft choice too much.

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