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    anyone notice where brohm ended on the packer depth chart?
    number 3 my friends.
    just goes to my point that i've been making for 2 years now, that this qb in the nfl thing is no walk in the park.
    and all the tavaris haters that have basically handed the job to any free agent, or highlt touted prospect (brohm, booty).
    not many just walk in and do the job.
    i heard too much brohm love on this site and could not resist gloating on this one.
    i just wonder if those people would be as impatient and critical with the 3rd stringer brohm as they have poor little tavaris
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    Re: BROHM

    Lets just be happy KevinCox and V are not in the Front Office. Like any of us they are fans that want to win but patients is a virtue, soon Brad Childress and Tarvaris will prove any doubters wrong and a guy like Booty can win games our system.

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    Re: BROHM

    just wait.. somewhere in the 2nd qtr when both rodgers, and their.. backupQB r sitting on the sideline nursing sore ribs/arms/ego..

    we'll see just how quickly Brohm has picked up the nfl pase..


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