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Thread: Brock Lesnar

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    Re: Brock Lesnar

    There's no frieking way he's ever make the team.

    Think about it - he'd have to replace someone else on the depth chart. Do you think someone who has never played O-line EVER in his life is going to unseat someone who has done it for a career and has actually worked on it for years? Granted he's physically great and very gifted for the O-line but he knows nothing about how to play it.

    The only way he could EVER make this team would be if he went to NFL Europe and proved himself which would be unlikely too. Plus he's what, 26, 27? Even if he did learn, we would need to give him time to develop, and since he's starting 10 years late, he wouldn't have much of a career.

    I admire Lesnar's dedication and personality, but unfortunately for him, he's just started too late to make any difference in football.

    The Vikes might bring him into training camp again as a publicity stunt (that's all it was last year) and to sell some more jersyes but he won't make the team.

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    Re: Brock Lesnar

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    I have played both, and I can say O-line is very basic in principle. In execution it is difficult, and you definately have to be quick thinking. But in comparision to the rest of the positions I think one could make an argument it is the most basic.

    I will say it is IMO the most important, and not there for just any person who is big enough to take up space. The offensive line is responsible for the protection of the most essential player on the field. You wouldn't hire a handicapped eskimo midget to guard your bling :grin:

    I know I know handicapped eskimo midgets are fierce and when cagged with a baby elephant seal they often come out victorious but that is obviously because they have longer arms and they also have knees.

    It's kind of like street fighter 2 you know you wish Zangief was good so you could play him, but he simply had no ranged attack. Yeah if you got his big hairy chest close enough to someone he could do an atomic pile driver, but he was so roided out he couldn't wipe his own jiggly butt. He lacked mobility. So ask yourself do you want Zangief on your offensive line? .............that's what I thought.

    Here is the box [ ]
    Here is me outside of it [ ].
    Here is anyone who wants Zangief on our team [.]


    Could you imagine the kind of arm seperation Dhalsim could get pass blocking?!

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Brock Lesnar

    I heard Brock and Mad Dog Vachon have an apartment together on E. Hennepin and are looking to adopt a mutant. Not sure if it's true though.

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