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    The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    Kind of interesting little read I found here. I was snooping around the net when I came across this site that seems to feature a blog/diary that Brett Favre has been keeping since way back. I will post some of the more notable entries I have found.


    Oct 10, 1982

    Dear diary, hey it's me Brett. Today is my 13th birthday and I finally learned how to write!!! I figured I would celebrate by starting this diary that my uncle Chester got for my sister until she stopped putting out. Then he gave it to me.

    Oct 11, 1982

    Today at recess the guys and me decided to play tackle football for the first time. I did really poor and they told me I couldn't play quarterback anymore because I kept throwing interceptions. The high schools assistant coach kept making up excuses for me. I think his name was John. He bought me a candy bar after the game. I like him.

    April 4, 1985

    Had a bad day in school today. Teacher picked on me. Mom said it's because I'm a Favre.

    April 5, 1985

    Everyone got an A on their math test. I failed it. Mom said it's because I'm a Favre.

    April 6, 1985

    Teacher let everyone go out to recess today except me. Teacher said I was the stupidest kid in the 4th grade. Mom said it's because I'm a Favre.

    April 7, 1985

    Today me and the other 4th graders went to the bathroom. I noticed my pee pee was bigger than the other kids. I asked mom if it was because I was a Favre. She said no, it was because I was 16.

    Sept 5, 1986

    Today is the big game! I am the only 5th grader to make varsity! I get to play quarterback again. The principal says if I do good I can go to college when I turn 18. I think it's so cool I don't even have to finish high school!

    Sept 6, 1986

    I'm grounded Dad says he is ashamed of me. I only threw 7 picks, which is way less than I throw in practice... Uncle Chester told me I was gayer than a bag of d*cks and threatened to take my diary away.

    Sept 12th, 1986
    Uncle Chester did take my diary away. I just got it back today. I am more excited than aunt Peggy when we go to the IHOP!!!

    I think we'll skip ahead to some of the entries Brett did while in college, although there are only a few.

    Sept 12, 1987

    Today I go to play against the University of Tulane!!! I pissed my pants and forgot half the play book for a while, but in the end I turned out alright.

    Oct 15, 1987

    I am so glad I never got to finish high school. Although my college teammates are a'lot meaner to me than my high school ones were. They make fun of me all the time. I hate it.

    Oct 16, 1988

    Little over a year has passed. I'm still doing ok on the field. Teammates are still dogging me pretty bad. God I hate them. I wish everyone was like me.

    Oct 17, 1988

    Found these really cool things called "pain killers."

    Oct 18, 1988

    Also found out the guy who bought me candy bars and took me to the park when I was younger turned out to be a coach in the NFL and won a Super Bowl. I think he touched me.

    Nov 3, 1988


    Nov 4, 1988

    Oh man... I am so sick. Went on a pain killers binge and I sh*t my pants. Wouldn't have been so bad if I wouldn't have taken this cute amputee for a date. I guess it's ok. Didn't want a hand job from a claw anyways.

    April 7, 1991

    I know it's been a while diary, but I have been busy. I got drafted by the Atlanta Falcons!!!! Uncle Chester said that that's pretty cool for a guy who used to suck more c*cks than a twister at a rooster convention. Crazy uncle Chester. I'll keep you updated.

    I'll just leave these up for now. I'll go back and gather more entries from ours truly.

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    Re: The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    Aweeeee! You're just mad b/c favre has super bowl under his belt and your beloved vikes? ...yeah...just what I was thinking! But on a lighter note: that read was pretty funny!!!
    God bless!
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    Re: The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    LMAO! That is some great s*** there. I always knew Favre had a rough childhood.

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    Re: The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    What a smile this put on my face... This is probably the best thread to come along in some time.. Thanks Baumy for the laughs... ;D

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    Re: The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    Did Uncle Chester touch the little puke?
    If so, now we know why he cries all the time.

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    Re: The Brett Favre chronicles - By baumy300

    I'm glad you guys like it so far.

    When I get a little time on my hands, I'll post what he did with Dimitrius Underwood and Bobby Bowden in Yugoslavia.

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