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Thread: Brett Favre

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    Re: Brett Favre

    "ThePurplePotato" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    "ThePurplePotato" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    I think he is just trying to force his way out of GB. It is fairly common for QB's to force their teams hands...........
    If he is doing that, it's pretty amazing since he is Brett Favre, the most beloved man in Wisconsin. Friend to all and lover to many! He's screwing all of his fans over and he doesn't even give a dump.
    Actually it pretty perfect. He is forcing the organization to move him. That way the whole thing will be shrouded in doubt, and his fans can point the finger at the team and not him.
    Do you think the fans will blame the team though? The way he is going about this is pretty sad. He comes out and says he wants the team to be better before he decides, he says "What are they going to do, cut me?", and then he complains about the o-line stinking. It's all about him. He's never said I want to help this team no matter what they have. I think the fans in Green Bay are smart enough to see what's happening, even though they are the second dumbest city in the U.S. Brett is being selfish and it is showing.
    I think they will. For one thing he is upset about the lack of FA moves. That right there gives him an out. I am sure his fans are upset that the organization let his line fall apart and have yet to land any quality free agents this offseason.

    So in a nutshell Favre is saying I want to play for you and win for you, but the organization is not helping the matter........I think his fans will eat that up.

    I've witnessed a worse QB who acomplished much less, force an organization to fire him and the fans turned on the team in anger with far less to go on then this.

    I think no matter how this ends up Favre will come out cleaner then the GB Packers

    At the end of the day it's a job.

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    Re: Brett Favre

    For those in the know the last deadline that was supposed to be April 1st was delayed to today, April 15th. Now it's pushed back again for the 4th time.


    [size=18px]Packers, Favre delay roster bonus to late July [/size]

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - The due date for Brett Favre's $3 million roster bonus - originally scheduled last month - has been moved to July 27, giving the three-time MVP more time to make a decision on retirement.

    A person with knowledge of the decision, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement had been made, confirmed the change.

    Favre's agent Bus Cook told Friday that the due date was pushed back, without giving a date. Cook did not immediately return a telephone message from the AP seeking comment.

    Since the team ended its season with a 4-12 record, Favre has repeatedly said he has not decided whether to return for a 15th season with the Packers. He gave the same message at his charity golf tournament in Mississippi last weekend.

    Favre has questioned whether the team has been improved significantly and would be better next season.

    "I guess, ultimately, it comes down to just whether or not you want to play and run the risk of being 4-12 again," Favre said last weekend.

    Packers general manager Ted Thompson said Thursday that the bonus due date - which already had been moved back three times, most recently to Saturday - was a non-issue.

    "There really is no deadline," he said.

    Favre would have to be on the Packers' roster on the due date to qualify for the bonus.

    Thompson and new Packers coach Mike McCarthy said previously that they'd like a decision from Favre as soon as possible but have not criticized him for taking so long to make up his mind.

    "He's been honest throughout the whole process, and Ted and I both are comfortable," McCarthy said Thursday.

    Packers, Favre delay roster bonus to late July

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    Re: Brett Favre

    [size=18px]Favre's deadline moved again [/size]

    Roster bonus date is now July 27

    Posted: April 14, 2006

    The Green Bay Packers have taken the nettlesome roster bonus issue out of the Brett Favre retirement equation, moving the deadline for the $3 million payment to July 27, thus guaranteeing it won't have to be addressed again until the start of training camp.

    According to a source familiar with the contract, Favre and the Packers agreed to move the roster bonus deadline from today to July 27, which should be the opening day of camp. The move all but guarantees that the Packers won't receive a decision from Favre this weekend but it doesn't necessarily mean they are giving him until the start of camp to make a decision.

    The move to July 27, first reported on the Journal Sentinel's Web site, takes pressure off the Packers and Favre, especially in regard to media coverage. Every time the deadline date comes up there is increasing coverage of Favre's impending decision whether to retire and it puts increasing pressure on the quarterback.

    All along, the roster bonus date has been only an artificial deadline used to encourage Favre to make a decision. However, it has been moved back three times previously, from the fifth day of the new league year to the 12th day (March 22) to April 1 to April 15, so this move only means the two sides won't have to move it again.

    If Favre is on the roster at the time the deadline hits, he is guaranteed a $3 million payment on Dec. 1. It has been reported previously that the roster payment due date was in September, but that is not the case.

    However, the deadline is somewhat artificial because if it passes, the Packers don't owe Favre anything until December. Thus, contrary to some reports he does not become a free agent if the Packers don't hand over $3 million the day the roster bonus is due.

    The Packers continue to move the roster bonus only as a safeguard against the unlikely scenario that Favre would play somewhere else. If the bonus date passes and Favre winds up playing for another team, then the Packers would be liable to pay him $3 million on Dec. 1.

    If the bonus date passes and Favre retires before the season starts, he does not receive the money at all.

    The Packers might have their own deadline when they need to know something definitive but if so, they have not communicated it to the public. Presumably, they would like to know whether Favre will be back before the NFL draft April 29 and 30 so they can determine who they will need to complement 2005 first-round pick Aaron Rodgers.

    But it's looking more and more as if Favre won't make a decision until after the draft. It's unclear whether that possibility has been discussed between the parties. General manager Ted Thompson had no comment Friday on the specifics of the roster bonus issue, but has acknowledged that it's not a sure thing Favre will apprise him of his decision before the draft.

    The Packers have not signed a quarterback to replace departed free agent Craig Nall and will be in the market for a veteran if Favre retires.

    Favre declined to give a timetable on his decision when he spoke last week at his charity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss. He said he wanted to see what the Packers were going to do to improve the team and hoped they would make a statement by adding a big-name free agent.

    The Packers are still in the running for cornerback Charles Woodson and linebacker LaVar Arrington but it doesn't appear they are close to signing either one. Woodson, according to published reports, has received a contract offer from the Packers but it did not satisfy his financial demands.

    Receiver signed

    The Packers have signed former Kansas receiver and track and field sprinter Leo Bookman to a free-agent contract.

    Bookman hasn't played football since the 2002 season, when he quit the Jayhawks team to focus on track. He won three NCAA titles in the 200 meters and clocked one of the fastest 200 times in the world.

    In November, Bookman received a public warning from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for testing positive for a banned substance that can be used only with prior medical approval, which the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Bookman did not have, according to published reports.

    Favre's deadline moved again

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