"FreakinVikingsBaby" wrote:
"Mr" wrote:
I'll never understand the Brady hate.

It's like Derek Jeter, people hate him too.

Is it really just extreme jealousy?
That's because he plays for the wankees. floop the wankees. As far as the shirt goes, yea it's kinda classless. I don't think I'd wear it or even buy it if I had money to blow on it, and take it from me, I can laugh at just about anything. Laughing about injuries is like laughing at someone who has to use a walker to get across the street in the rain and cracking up because they're stuck getting wet because they can't move under something quick enough. But to be fair and balanced (unlike fox news), I did kinda smile knowing he wasn't coming back this season.
The freakn' cat can do that better than most of my friends!