"ultravikingfan" wrote:
"scorptile" wrote:
oh yeah ive watched the pats games and omg they look sloopy on offense
Since you stated in a previous post:

"scorptile" wrote:
please do you homework before you post.
You need to do the same as well.
You come off all hard like we are all stupid.
Well, do your homework pal.

The Pats look sloppy on Offense?
Ok, that's why the currently have the #1 Offense in the NFL.

Points per game:
#1 (38.3)
Yards per game:
Passing yards per game:
Rushing yards per game:

I'd say that's pretty sloppy.

I doubt you have watched any of their games.

"scorptile" wrote:
and an aging D that cant hold a good RB if they tried.
Ya think?
They are currently #5 in the NFL at stopping the run.
(#2 vs. the pass, #4 in yards allowed, and #6 in points allowed)

Game #1 vs. NY Jets
Jones 42 yards

Game #2 vs. SanDiego
Tomlinson 43 yards (they sure suck at stopping good RB's)

Game #3 vs. Buffalo
Lynch 74 yards

Game #4 vs. Cincinnati
Watson 55 yards

Game #5 Cleveland
Wright 59 yards

Game #6 vs. Dallas
Jones 51 yards
Barber 47 yards

Not only did they hold good RB's, they held the fricken best RB in the NFL!

You always come in here just to argue and put people down.
You act all high and mighty because you think you know something.
Well, it looks as if you know jack pooh about football.

So, stay on you little Colts site and live in a fantasy world where you pretend to know something.
You may have won the SB last year, but if the Colts meet the Pats in the post season...sucks to be the Colts!

ha ha ha.
is this guy kidding?
i didn't even think we had to pull out the stats cuz they've been so readily obvious, but apparently scorptile is just blinded by jealousy cuz brady gets laid more than manning.
congrats on the super bowl win last year, i think they are good yet again this year, but why dog the pats if you are so good?
the pats have basically done whatever they want against everyone they have played, dallas didn't hang with them, they made a little run and then the pats turned it on and embarrassed them.
and if you recall correctly you guys were trailing to a much less talented team at home in the afc championship game last year, so you should just be thanking your lucky stars you finally got a win after 5 years of humiliation.