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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    "Caine" wrote:
    "vegasvike" wrote:
    TB matured, Dante doesn't have a chance to here. He will move on. So should the Vikes fans. We have much more to worry about than cheap shots at Dante.

    We have a whole brand new untested, coaching crew. We have made...for a loss of words...a whole bunch of interesting personnel moves. New offense, new defense, new special teams. Vent and move on. Dante will.
    Thank you!! Pep is gone and the season is not here, our real focus should be what FA's are going to be signed and what moves will be made in the draft. Mostly everyone on this board forgets that the NFL is a business. So did Pep and his asking to be traded was immature. Although I was not born when it happened but Tark played with the GNATS and came back, I'm not saying that Pep will or wont be back but this is a business. Lets stop with all the cheap shots and focus else where
    How is legitimate criticism of Culpepper construed as a cheap shot? Is he somehow off limits because he's been traded? Are we supposed to forget what was said and done and - as you both have said - simply, "Move on"?

    If that's the case, then I suppose that all discussion of anything that happened prior to...well...NOW would be something best left in the past...since we're all "moving on" and all.

    Of course, this means that pretty much all discussion will grind to a halt, since we can't mention or base anything upon anything which occurred in the past.

    Here's a better idea, understand that there are many people - Viking fans or otherwise - who have opinions about Culpepper. Both pro and con. And, as long as anyone, anywhere, mentions his name, those same people will defend their beliefs. After all, real football fans ARE a bit passionate.

    So, much like the Moss issue, I choose NOT to "move on" when it comes to discussing the pros and cons of what has happened. If YOU don't care to discuss it any further, feel free not to.

    But, as for me, I have lost almost all respect for Culpepper. I consider him to be - to be blunt - a failure. Why? Because he had the POTENTIAL to be so much more...and didn't live up to it. He COULD have been something great...instead, he turned inward and focused on himself.

    So, I agree with Bradshaw. Culpepper will not EVER be one of the greats...unless he grows up...quick. And, I agree with Gift, that Culpepper is no Montana (I just disagree with the use of the word "Ever" to use non-sequential seasons as a basis for comparrison :wink: ).

    WHOA!! Whenever a puke fan comes here and talks about their "championships" we say to them "Hey that's in the past". But here we are even after we knew Pep was being traded and even after he was traded, still harking on it. This is not the end of the VIKINGS it's merely part of the past. And as far as cheapshots, half of those "cons" last offseason were "pro" Pep. I'm ready for the season to start and close this chapter
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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    I think in the long run people will find out that Pepp is not a real team leader. He's all about HIM!
    well we wont need to wait to find that out..i knew that the day he forced moss out and then tried to lie about it
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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    LOL! RIDICULOUS! Bradshaw is a Country Boy hick from Oklahoma and his meandering about today's athletes is COMICAL at best! You can all diss DC for whatever reason you want, but if you base it on the opinion of a complete azzhole like Terry Bradshaw, then your views are very skewed to begin with! It's HILARIOUS and UPSETTING at the same time.

    You can't deny that DC, Randy and any other current or former Viking played the game to win. When you play for an owner too damnn cheap to spend the money on defense, one that never rated higher than 23rd in the league during the previous 10 years, you cannot blame the failure of this team on it's former All-Pro QB, WR, or Meathead coaches!

    It'll be interesting to see how well we will do now that a new owner is actually spending the money on this team. But without addressing last seasons 21st ranked defense we know it won't matter how much they improve upon the leagues 19th ranked scoring offense now don't we? After all, those that like too claim all DC liked to do was pad his stats did so when this team had one of the best or at least top 5 rated offenses for several seasons and still couldn't win much, now could they?

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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    As far as Montana having Rice, Montana won a super bowl without Jerry Rice
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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    Bradshaw is a idoit. Hate the guy, him and Buck need to

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    Re: Bradshaw makes Jab on Pepp.

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    Bradshaw is a idoit. Hate the guy, him and Buck need to

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