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    Bob Griese lost his mind?

    POSTED 11:50 p.m. EDT, August 5, 2006


    A reader has alerted us to video from the NFL Network, currently available on, of an interview of Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Griese, in which Griese talks about new Hall of Famer Warren Moon.

    Says Griese regarding Moon: "I remember playing against the Houston Oilers when he was there, and he was just lights out."

    Moments later, Griese says: "I played against Warren a lot. He was more a contemporary of mine."

    The only problem? Moon was a contemporary not of Griese, but of Griese's son.

    Griese retired after the 1980 season. Moon didn't take a snap in the NFL until 1984.

    We've got three possible explanations for this. First, Griese wasn't wearing those big-ass Clark Kent glasses when the Fins played the Oilers, and he thought Dan Pastorini was black.

    Second, Griese took one too many bumps to the noggin. Third, by suggesting that Moon was a "contemporary" of his, Griese was trying to create the impression that he got into the Hall faster than Moon. As it turns out, however, Moon gained induction on his first try. For Griese, it took five attempts to get enough votes.

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    Re: Bob Griese lost his mind?

    Maybe Griese was confusing himself with Dan Marino

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    Re: Bob Griese lost his mind?

    :scratch: I wonder if he had Moon confused with Jim Harris? ('66-'83 Cardinals, '84 Redskins)

    It could also be Doug Williams, who played for 3 years while Griese was still playing, but he played for the Bucs & they were in our division.

    There was also Joe Gilliam, who played for the Steelers, but he only started in 20 games.

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