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    Bills' Anthony Hargrove Suspended One Year

    [size=12pt]Bills' Anthony Hargrove Suspended One Year[/size]
    Posted Jan 19th 2008 11:02AM
    by Michael David Smith
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    Re: Bills' Anthony Hargrove Suspended One Year

    That one will hurt.

    Just further drives home the point that it really doesn't matter how talented they are if they can't tame thier demons, conform to league rules and stay on the field.

    Such a shame these talented players can't figure this out.
    Teams just can't risk putting that much money into a guy, no matter how talented, if he isn't gonna be there when they need him.

    Hargrove is a talented player who was the Rams' third-round pick out of Georgia Tech in 2004, but this latest development means there's a good chance he has played his last NFL game. The Bills considered cutting him before the 2007 season. Is there really any way they'll want him back in 2009?
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    Re: Bills' Anthony Hargrove Suspended One Year

    As short as a NFL career can be, shortening it further by being a bone head is just crazy. If you can't break free of the friends and activities that will bring you down, and put you in bad situations, you'd better take a long hard look at yourself. I'm sure he didn't graduate from college, and will soon squander what little money he has. That leaves him wishing he had some life skills, as the road he's on is gonna get mighty bumpy.

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