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    Big salaries, hard feelings

    Three days of free agency, and the NFL's salary structure has already been laid to waste.

    If you're a solid NFL player who signed a contract extension before hitting the free agent market on Friday (like, say, Washington Redskins running back Ladell Betts), you're probably kicking yourself. As expected, there has been plenty of cash to go around. But it was hard to believe so much of it would go to a so-called "low impact" position (offensive guard) or be doled to aging stars (Ahman Green) and underperforming offensive tackles (Leonard Davis).

    So what do the past three days mean for the NFL? They mean that a lot of people are raking in a lot cash … and even more suddenly seem underpaid.

    One agent, with a prominent player still under contract, hinted that his star might not report to training camp now that he appears to be so grossly underpaid in the new market being set.

    Rest of the story...

    And this from the Vikings Blog says much the same...
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    Re: Big salaries, hard feelings

    Sorry Coj, already posted on the 5th: 81.msg544645#msg544645

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