I thought this was worthy of its own thread. Mike Florio put together his version of the best playoff games....ever.

Best . . . Playoff Games . . . Ever.

With all the buzz regarding the excellent quartet of playoff games from this past weekend, including a contest for the ages in Indy, we decided to put together our own list of the top non-Super Bowl postseason games since the merger.

Here are the 21 best, in chronological order:

1. Chiefs-Dolphins, 1971: Chiefs running back Ed Podolak's 350 all-purpose yards are a footnote to the longest game in NFL history, won by the Dolphins more than 22 minutes into overtime, 27-24.

2. Raiders-Steelers, 1972: Immaculate Reception.

3. Raiders-Dolphins, 1974: Oakland quarterback Ken Stabler chucks a last second touchdown pass while falling down to running back Clarence Davis to beat Miami 28-26, ending the reign of the two-time defending Super Bowl champs.

4. Cowboys-Vikings, 1975: Hail Mary.

5. Raiders-Colts, 1977: Oakland snuffs out Bert Jones' Colts with a double-overtime thriller, 37-31.

6. Chargers-Dolphins, 1981: "I've never felt so close to death before," said San Diego tight end Kellen Winslow after a 73-minute roller-coaster ride on a humid Miami late afternoon/evening, which the Chargers won, 41-38 (his son would say the same thing 24 years later after a motorcycle ride).

7. Cowboys-49ers, 1981: The Catch.

8. Broncos-Browns, 1986: The Drive.

9. Broncos-Browns, 1987: The Fumble.

10. Vikings-49ers, 1987: Minnesota receiver Anthony Carter makes like Steve Smith in one of the biggest postseason upsets in league history, 36-24.

11. Oilers-Bills, 1992: The Run-'N'-Shoot dies a sudden death as Houston proves that it's the perfect offense . . . for blowing a huge lead.

12. Colts-Steelers, 1995: Jim Harbaugh's last-second rainbow almost delivers the greatest moment in NFL history.

13. Jaguars-Broncos, 1996: The upstart Jags upend the heavily favored Broncos in Mile High in the last game for the old orange-and-blue unis.

14. Vikings-Giants, 1997: Minnesota coach Dennis Green saves his job with an uncanny late-game comeback win on the road.

15. Falcons-Vikings, 1998: Vikings kicker Gary Anderson misses his first kick of the season to prevent 16-1 Minnesota from taking a 10-point lead late; the Falcons rally to force overtime and then take the game on a fifth-quarter field goal, 30-27.

16. Rams-Buccaneers, 1999: The Greatest Show on Turf hits a pothole en route to the Super Bowl, scoring only 11 points.

17. Patriots-Raiders, 2001: "What in the f--k is the tuck rule?"

18. Giants-49ers, 2002: San Fran erases a 24-point deficit, and then holds on thanks to a bad snap and a close call on the ensuing pass.

19. Packers-Eagles, 2003: Fourth-and-26.

20. Patriots-Broncos, 2005: End of an era or a temporary detour?

21. Steelers-Colts, 2005: Marred by bad officiating, but still one of the best ever.