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Just a thought, we would have a different tune on here if our D would have played well once we got to 27-10 on Sunday vs Bal.
There would be a lot more confidence in here.
That was just one game.
I don't blame us for being a little gun shy to say that we are the team to beat.
Besides, underdog is not that bad of a place to be.
+1 and a very good point SIA.
If the Vikings would have kept them down there would be more confidence in this forum when judging the two teams.
I think the Vikings are as good if not better than the Saints.
The difference is they have played a much tougher schedule (not the the Vikings have been terrible) but the Saints have put teams away.
The only team that played close was the Jets.
The major difference right now is the Saints are using their daggers and the Vikings aren't.

As a fan of Childress I will be the first to say at this point he needs to lay the law down with his coordinators.
Now that they know this is a problem it is up to him to correct.
Childress doesn't call the plays however now that this has developed into an issue it is up to him to resolve it with the coordinators.
Maybe now we can get a for sure answer/assessment on how good or bad Childress is.
Two good posts but lets not forget, this game wasn't the only one this year were the D caused concern to the point that there are a couple of us on here who have been saying all year our D has had issues.

Course those concerns were pooooh pooooohed away.

True. As confident as I am in our defense, they seems to get tired. As much as I hate to say it maybe Bellichek had something in 07. Our defense doesn't have to play 4 quarters because we get three possessions ahead and send in the backups. Then when they do need to play 4 quarters (ie 49ers, Ravens, Packers) we let a comeback possible. Our defense always gives up in the fourth quarter. Whether because we send in our backups, which doesn't scare me, but what does is when we kept them in like the Packer game, Packers got back to make it a 1 TD game against our starters. 49ers marched down the field when they needed to in the fourth. We got a holding call to make it 2 and goal on the 20. Didn't matter. Ravens doesn't worry me. I still blame Paymah and Winfield being out for that defensive collapse at the end of that game.

But this is something fixable by far. We've got more talent than any out there. Just need to mentally get them into it. Hopefully this is a wake up. Im sure the coaching staff will do what my old coach would do. "It's my fault that you guys got tired out there. im sorry. I've been going too soft on you in practice. If current practice gets you to play hard for 45 minutes then maybe practice needs to be harder to get you to play hard for 60." I dont care if they're in the NFL make them do conditioning. Demean them in that way. Because obviously it too hard to go 60 minutes.

Again. Not worried. We let 3 points in the first half of that game. We fixed our tight end problem. The matchup I was looking at the entire game was Todd Heap and our defense since we let McDaniel (whatever the STL TE is), and Vernon Davis do so well and we closed that up because Heap only got like one pass covered every other time I saw him. We'll fix this one and worst comes to come. We'll keep them on the whole game no matter the score.

A PHOD sighting......

Were the hell you been My Farvish Friend?
haha. I know Went through PPO detox there for a while, [size=10pt]but back on the wagon[/size]. I was simply done arguing the same TJack arguments for an entire offseason. Now we can move on to team. Because even if we dont have an answer to him at this point it doesn't matter and won't matter for another year (or maybe two).
Glad to hear it.
Always good to have another voice of reason amidst the yutz and chucklehead types.

As to your post.....

I think they tire (if that is the reason) because we don't rotate backups in enough, not just because they are in there late.

Lets not forget, the QB and OL are about the only positions on the field that don't rotate.
All others use alot of rotations based on down and distance/situations.
That is a great point Marrdro.
I think against the Steelers it may be a good idea using 3 DEs most of the game.
Nothing against Pat of course but the Vikings really need a pass rush.
They can use EJ to eye the middle against the run and help out in that aspect.
Just my 2 cents worth.
They will also need the LBers to watch the flats for RM and MeMo.
They like to use screens especially against good pass rushes.
This is one of those games where I wish the Vikings had a Vrabel or Brushki type player that can play 3-4 or 4-3.

[size=10pt]I'll take back my statement that its the players fault they're tired.[/size] We don't have as much depth in the secondary obviously as I'd hope. Which is why we can't rotate. Paymah is a no threat. Asher Allen we haven't seen a lot but too soon to throw in there in there imo. Hopefully signing that NYG corner will help. Thus late in the game they've played more than most starters around the league and are tired.
Again Im not worried about it. But whether you're worried or not you know The Test is this Sunday. This is going to be a great game and our defense cannot give up an inch more in the fourth quarter to win this game. Especially if Winfield is out. This will say a lot about that defense. We'll have our answer and our staff.

Defense will win this game. I think it will high scoring but when it comes down to it it will be can our defense stop them when we absolutely need them to and will there defense stop us when we absolutely need to score. So we can't pull the same crap we've pulled before.
No need to take it back.
It was a great point that resulted in a great discussion.

I also agree, this will come down to defensive scheme, however, I don't think it will be centered on who can stop the pass.

I really believe that we will see a heavy dose of Mendenhall.
Tomlin isn't stupid. He knows that the key to breaking down the Cover 2 is to run the ball effectively enough to get the defense to start trying to help out with a S or two.

As I said in another post, I think we will see alot of playes early and often that will be designed to make the Bigs run around alot in an effort to wear them down.
If successfull, the ramifications of that will be very clear late in the 3rd and 4th quarters.