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    Bennett sitting out?


    Q: Any idea when Michael Bennett will come back?

    HERM EDWARDS: “Probably won’t play this week. Probably next week he’ll be in the fray. He’ll probably do some individual stuff at most, but not a whole lot. A hamstring (strain) and we’re going to baby it; we don’t want the guy to come out and tear his hamstring and then it’s a real problem.”

    Bennett sitting out with an Injury? Who woulda thunk it?

    As much as I loved the guy's speed when he was healthy, blurbs like this one appear far to often when he's around.

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    Re: Bennett sitting out?

    Amazing. The guy just can't stay healthy. His whole career is based on what ifs.

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    Re: Bennett sitting out?

    Yea I agree with both of you.He'll never get back to the Level he once was.If he does...more power to him.But I really think hes just too soft.

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    Re: Bennett sitting out?

    Didn't he just get there late last week? And he is already hurt!
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    Re: Bennett sitting out?

    He hasn't even practiced with the team yet. Poor guy, probably will be traded again. He's been on 3 different teams since January

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