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    Re: Bengals Houshmandzada Hit

    Actually you would be surprised how many people here stood up for Furgeson and was calling for Donovan Darius head. In fact I would wager the majority of posters here were not happy about that hit.

    That being said. Helmet to helmet contact is when you lead with your head and it touches the opponents helmet. The way I see the clip his helmet hits housh on his ear hole, which is part of the helmet.

    I would be very surprised if this doesnt draw a fine.

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    Re: Bengals Houshmandzada Hit

    While I can't agree or disagree about the Jags hit(wasn't a member-not saying ur wrong or right just wasn't here) I have to completley disagree about the helmet to helmet. I think it may look like helmet to helmet but when I watch it closely I see him lead with the shoulder with his head down-not directed in anyway-just down and getting ready for a boom. I do the same thing. If I am throwing myself at someone to get them down, my head is down because it is a natural protection reaction. I don't even see helmet to helmet contact. It appears that his elbow is what takes off his helmet along with the impact.
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