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    Bengals draft pick wanted for burglary

    POSTED 3:04 p.m. EDT, May 31, 2006

    Mike Florio

    Joe Schad of reports that former Florida State linebacker A.J. Nicholson, selected by the Bengals in the fifth round of the 2006 draft, is wanted for two felonies and a misdemeanor after allegedly stealing $1,700 in electronics equipment from the home of a current Florida State player.

    Said a league source in response to the news: "A.J. Nicholson, off most teams' draft boards, a major league turd . . . . Way to go, Marvin."

    Both Nicholson and former Seminole receiver Fred Rouse, who was dismissed from the team at the end of the 2005 season, have been charged with burgling the home of running back Lorenzo Booker.

    Rouse confessed to the crime on May 28 after a receiving glove with his jersey number stitched into it was found at the scene. (Gee, and we thought he'd gone to FSU on an academic scholarship.) Rouse has implicated Nicholson in the incident, which occurred on May 20.

    A warrant has been issued for Nicholson's arrest. He faces charges of felony burglary of a dwelling, felony grand theft, and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

    As one league source told us on April 29 after the Bengals drafted Nicholson and USC defensive end Frostee Rucker, "What the f--- are the doing? Rucker and Nicholson? Give me a break. They are sabotaging the organization by picking bad players like [Odell] Thurman, [Chris] Henry, and those two."

    Earlier this year, Henry was arrested in Florida for allegedly pointing a gun at a group of people, an offense that carries a three-year mandatory minimum sentence.

    Our suggestion? Bengals owner Mike Brown should move the team to Florida, and hope that enough of Marvin's misfits will qualify for work release.

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    Re: Bengals draft pick wanted for burglary

    Stupid athletes!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Bengals draft pick wanted for burglary

    Rouse was quoted as saying, "I came here because I thought that FSU stood for Free Stuff University...I was just taking what I thought was mine for the taking!" :evil4:

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    Re: Bengals draft pick wanted for burglary

    That's too bad.. I was under the impression that this guy had a lot of talent and potential.

    Did that league source really call him a major turd? That's mature.
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