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    Bengals' Chris Henry Investigated For Sex Crime

    [size=18px]Prosecutor: Chris Henry Investigated For Sex Crime [/size]

    Reported by:
    Dennis Janson, Jay Warren
    Web produced by:
    Mark Sickmiller, Neil Relyea
    Photographed by: 9News
    First posted: 5/3/2006 6:11:55 PM
    Last Updated: 5/4/2006 12:11:34 AM


    He's already had a couple of run-ins with the law, but there may be more trouble brewing for Bengals player Chris Henry.

    Police tell 9News they were called out to a Covington hotel early Monday morning for an alleged sexual assault.

    However 9News was told that Henry was not at the hotel when police arrived.

    Kenton County chief prosecutor Ken Easterling told 9News little about what police are looking at but did confirm that the run to the hotel and he investigation of Chris Henry are related.

    "Can't really comment on where the investigation is going, I simply will indicate there is an investigation," said Easterling.

    "It's very preliminary and certainly the Covington police are involved in the investigation," added Easterling. "As soon as they determine whether or not charges should be brought they will bring them."

    "The only thing that I'm really going to indicate is Chris Henry is being investigated for potential criminal activity that occurred here in Covington. The crime is sexual in nature," said Easterling.

    No formal charges though have been filed at this point.

    "The findings are very preliminary, the Covington police is involved in the investigation and as soon as they determine if charges should be brought we will bring them," he added.

    In the meantime police are still investigating the case and at this point are still trying to talk to any potential witnesses.

    "Certainly when the witnesses have been interviewed and evidence has been looked at we'll certainly decide whether or not there's enough for purposes of probable cause," said Easterling. "Then we'll proceed as the evidence mandates."

    Henry's legal troubles here started last year when he was arrested in Covington for possession of marijuana.

    Henry avoided jail time on a marijuana charge from the December 2005 arrest in Covington by pleading guilty and entering a drug rehab program.

    Henry's legal entanglements aren't confined to Covington.

    On May 30 he faces a felony concealed firearm charge out of Orlando, Florida following an incident there earlier this year.

    Henry allegedly brandished a stolen handgun during a confrontation outside a club.

    That episode may have put his freedom, let alone career, in jeopardy.

    A Bengals spokesman says the team is aware of this new allegation and is mounting its own inquiry.

    Chris Henry Investigated For Sex Crime

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    Re: Bengals' Chris Henry Investigated For Sex Crime

    Glad we didn't draft him!!!

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