* Orton sucks.
Her was in for three series, the last two against the second team defense.
He went 7 of 10 for 56 yards, but never converted a passing third down and fumbled once when the entire KC defense sacked him at once.

* Forte is looking like a decent running back.
Averaging about 3 1/2 per carry and finding holes.

* The Chicago defense isn't looking very good.
Croyle and Huard are both having their way with them, averaging about 13.6 yards per completion.
Croyle went 6 for 10 and lost a fumble, while Huard is currently 6 for 8.

* Croyle marched down and scored against the Bear's starting D on the first drive.

* Huard just finished a nice 75 yard TD drive against a mix of the Bears 2 and 3 team D.

* KC Came out passing, only running the ball 5 out of 16 plays on the opening series.