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    Bears sign first-round pick Olsen

    [size=13pt]Bears sign first-round pick Olsen[/size]

    The Chicago Bears signed first-round draft pick Greg Olsen to a five-year contract on Tuesday, making the tight end from Miami the first player taken in the first two rounds to agree on a deal.

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    Re: Bears sign first-round pick Olsen

    What a waste of money.
    The guy is a good player, just the wrong team without a competant QB and an inept offense.
    What a waste of youthful talent.

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    Re: Bears sign first-round pick Olsen

    It's just the start of signings. The top picks are all waiting to see whom gets what and then they'll base their contracts off those before and after.

    Really I don't expect AP to get signed until the last minute, kinda like Erasmus, but I know the Zig will "Get it Done".

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