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    Bears not impressive...

    I watched the game and i just want to verify this to those who didnt c it.The bears did not win this game as much as the packers lost it.First of all chicago had only one offensive touchdown,second they got contributions from favre and noah herra who are continuing to worsen the packers turnover ratio.Furthermore on the 49 yard td pass to bernard berrian,Marquan manuel completely blew that coverage he let bernard run about 5-8 yards in front of him b4 he started following him! Tim couch could have made that throw!But as soon as you start putting pressure on him he pretty much just tosses it in the air (very favre like) and thats how he got intercepted!Just wait until the bears play a compitent defense with a safety that actually knows that his job is to cover recievers NOT let them run wild!Overall all i saw is a lackluster bears offense who struggled badly in the redzone and a greenbay offense that was afraid to let brett favre throw the ball (they were right not to
    let him btw) he attempted just 5 passes in the first half.The bears will play the lions next week and if the lions play at all like they did today then i expect the lions to win.I should also mention that the bears did a poor job defending the running game allowing ahman green and that poor green bay offensive line rush for 110 yards on 20 carries a 5.5 yard per carry average

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    Re: Bears not impressive...

    This is for all the bears fans that might come to trash talk here!You beat greenbay BIG DEAL!

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    Re: Bears not impressive...

    Go Lions!
    Indeed, go Lions.
    I Love Kerry Collins (and John Rocker).

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    Re: Bears not impressive...

    Hey Fan, I definately agree with you (from what I saw).
    I'm here in Arizona, so the coverage I got stuck with, was the SF vs. AZ game.
    You know, new stadium, and all that jazz.

    I agree that Favre can no longer do what he used to do, but his teammates are pussies!
    There is no Sterling Sharpe type receivers there for him.
    Oh, and who was that white boy who used to get Favre out of all his jams?
    The guys Brett has now, are all a bunch of little kids.

    And now, I have to say this,Grossman as QB- we're fine.
    Untill they pull his ass!
    Griese is a better option for them.
    He makes much better decisions, and is just plain, smarter. (and I can't stand him, or his dad, but I know it's true.)
    Then, you said the Lions would beat them, right?
    Well, did you see how shoddy the Lions' Offense really is?
    All ya really gotta do, is plug the holes!
    Kevin Jones is not a shifty runner.
    He runs North, and South.
    Without much of a running game, Roy Williams will not beat anyone by himself.

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    Re: Bears not impressive...

    Go ahead and bring on griese too! remember how we picked him off twice in the season opener last year?

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