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Thread: As a Bears fan

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    Dammit it to hell!!! I miss out on all the good fun! I have to make a point to get on here more often.
    I wish I could have got on here and slammed this pissforbrains around a little before he got his ass handed to him in four to five pieces.
    Can someone please PM me when these kind of schmucks get on here and start with the trolling?

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    "OrangeANDBlue30" wrote:
    As a bears fan, Id have to say that were going to win the division. But IM NOT here to be a troll, I just wanted to tell you guys what I think about the Vikings.

    You guys, out of all teams in our division, scared me the most. You have one of the best QB's in the NFC, and that doesn't show because your o line play and Linehan gone, I don't care what anyone in Chicago says about him, but he is a great player and it REALLY SUCKS to lose him for the year. Mewelde Moore is something special. He can cut on a dime and is a good receiver on the backfield. I see him, Onterrio and the rookie you guys got this year back next year. Your receivers are pretty good, no one is close to Randy, but Koren and Marcus Robinson are really good. I think Williamson is FAST AS HECK, but he is just reallly raw, from what I have seen at the Chicago game. He could have had 2 td's but couldn't adjust to the ball. Jermaine Wiggins, this guy is a TRUE FOOTBALL PLAYER. If he was a bit more athletic, he would be up there with Heap and Tony Gonzalez, and I think Urlacher would have a tough time with him. I don't want to even talk about your line because its really disgusting. Without Birk and Dixon, you guys look worse than we did last year guarding Hutchinson, Krenzel and Johnathan Quinn.

    Your defensive coordinator is a bum. All your players on defense are Above average or better. Why would you use a 3-4?? You have Erasmus James, Lance Johnstone and Kevin Williams on your line? Kevin Williams at end is like Warren Sapp in the 3-4, they BOTH ARE NONEXISTENT. I think that you guys have more talent than us on your defensive line, its just Lovie is alot better and putting players in position to excel. By the way, Pat Williams is a frekin monster, I can't beleive how he killed Kreutz. Your linebackers are pretty fast cept Cowart, but it looks like their always in the wrong place. (Helps having some brains ex: Urlacher). Your secondary is above average, and even with the guys you have, they aren't close to playing as good as ours. Why does ur coordinator leave a player on an island if he is having a hard time?? Fred is still good, but Steve Smith just kicked his butt real hard. I dont think Smoot sucks at all, since he was the best db in college in 2000 and has always been solid or better these past years. Why do ur corners play 10 yards off all the time, especially when you know steve smith is best after the catch?? Ever hear of cover 2 or 2 deep like we use? Tillman and Vasher are no wear near Antoines or Freds talent level, but we get better results because we play in a tampa 2 system. I think Sharper is still a great player, He definitely isnt slow after the 88 yard touchdown return against tampa. I thought he was out of gas at 29, but I was wrong. He is the best free safety in the division. Of course we got the best strong safety, Mike Brown. Chavous says he watches alot of film, but why is he always struggling? It seems like whenever you guys have a 3rd down, every qb looks to Chavous lol.

    Overall, I think you guys should get a new coaching staff, some o linemen and a good safety and THEN you will be able to compete with us. Good luck guys.
    The first post was somewhat reasonable in the analysis. Nothing ground breaking.

    "OrangeANDBlue30" wrote:
    Man, he was right. I forgot to realize what a bunch of cuntmotherfuckers actually post on this site. I bet most of these guys here are in their late 20's or above, and have nothing to do other than post on a fanboard. Don't you have a job Ultra, other than cumming all over your fricken keyboard and monitoring purple pride?? This site is fricken poohie as hell, the chicago bears site is alot better. One thing I should've know are VIKINGS FANS ARE MORE fricken STUPID THAN THOSE LOVE BOATERS THEMSELF!!!!! Face it, you guys here are a bunch of fricken, no life, low life losers who have nothing better do or or go with your time so you come here and moap about HOW MUCH YOUR TEAM SUCKS!!!!! THe bears will kick the NFC's jiggly butt and go to the superbowl and then we can laugh in all you fricken losers faces. You guys are pathetic pieces of cunt, and del rio, clint eastwood sucks you fricken no brain inbred... Oh and webmaster, how big of a loser are you, youre a fricken fat nerd with glasses who drools over the Vikings. It'll BE FUNNY WHEN ALL YOU fricken LOSERS ARE CHOMPING ON BEAR slick willy WHEN WE WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F!!ck You you lowlifes, your the laughing stock of the nfl!!!!!!!111
    Wow, did a chord snap there or what? Talk about Jeckyl and Hyde.

    The Bears win the SB this year? That is pretty funny.

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    I missed it,what was he banned for the first time?
    Is he a NFC north bandwagon jumper?
    Did he become a bears fan and start hating on Vikes or what?
    with a name like bubba ND I'm guessing the ND stands for north dakota and he's or they are not sure what team to cheer for. Whatever though get the hell outa here if your gonna be a little S*it.

    He was probably making fun of me for my awesome spealing.

    Smell ya later ya dipsh*t.........hitstick? did ya get that name from madden 06 on PS2?

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    Oh thats right you can't answer my last question for me casuse tou can't come on here no more,even though you try hard to.

    hahahahaha you suck

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: As a Bears fan

    For saying this site sucks he sure made some desperate moves to get back in it LMAO.

    Some people you just know are trolls. Trolls flying under the purple flag. This guy was one of them, Hitstick like I said before stick to madden.

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    That is greatness.

    Just like that goofball that threatened me in emails.
    Had his complete life history in 12 minutes.
    I timed it.
    Broke out the clearance and got busy.
    I know almost everything about him.
    And now I feel sorry for him.
    He is a complete loser.

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    Re: As a Bears fan

    That was quality entertainment!! I think he got some water in his ears and it shorted out a couple wires. My wife is going to school right now to be a Doctor of Forensic Psyhology (yes I am retiring when she is done with school) and will get to interview inmates in state pens. I think I'll ask her if she can include in her standard questioning "Are you Hitstick? Because this guy is crazy. Well at least on his going out thread he gave us all a good laugh. The Bears winning the SuperBowl, I almost fell out of my chair when he threw that in at the end.
    If I hear Michelle Bonner say "He works that one to right" one more time, I m getting on a plane for Bristol, going to the ESPNEWS set, and ripping out her vocal cords.

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