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    Bears: Easy living at the top? Not quite

    [size=13pt]Easy living at the top? Not quite[/size]

    The Bears are 9-2 and on the verge of winning the NFC North. But the Windy City and its team are at odds, especially when it comes to who should be starting at QB.

    Mark Craig, Star Tribune
    Last update: December 02, 2006 – 11:00 PM

    ..........Did Vikings throw him off?

    There is a theory in Chicago that the Vikings' defensive game plan in the first meeting contributed to Grossman's demise the past six weeks. The Vikings pressured Grossman up the middle, causing him to throw two interceptions, including one Winfield returned for a touchdown. The Vikings claim they should have intercepted another four errant passes........

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    Re: Bears: Easy living at the top? Not quite

    8)[size=10pt]That sounds more like a non-Bears 'theory' to me. I don't know what the issue is with Rex. Only he can answer that and do something about it. I'll admit it does get frustrating watching him at the helm and Griese on the bench.

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    Re: Bears: Easy living at the top? Not quite

    They will go one and done...the biggest upset in the playoffs this season!

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