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    Bear fans hilarious comments and thoughts during and after loss to 49ers

    I found some funny comments in a bears forums during and after the game against the 49ers.
    Got me crackin.

    Although our O-Line can't run block, they can't pass block either. Other than that, they're stellar!!!!

    Fruck the Bears.
    We stink big time.
    Game over.
    Atleast I get to go to asleep early

    What do you guys say Alex Smith looks like a pro bowler tonight?

    Lot's of Bears being run over, so far the 49er's are much more physical than the huggy bears.

    I am not sure how much longer I can watch this team.
    I get sick every weak.
    At least I won't have to worry about feeling sick this weekend.

    Sooo many holes to fill, Sooo few draft picks. Ouch.

    1st DOWN!!!! 1st DOWN!!!! YEAH! *sarcasm off*

    Without Cutler we don't win more than three games this year, he really is spectacular.
    I hope we don't waste the prime of his career.
    (im guessing this was posted before he started throwing those ints)

    How can anyone compare Orton to Cutler he has all the tools talent. No doubt will go down as our best QB ever. I love this guy!!!!!!!! (im guessing this one too)

    Cutler stinks, cut his butt.
    Three players could have intercepted that ball (hehehehe)

    Another pick, hilarious! I'm afraid Cutler is a gagger.

    What the hell was that garbage. Its a good thing that I have a Call of Doody

    Unfukinbelieveable. We are easily the most cursed team in the league. Lovie, and Turner are bad luck all the way around. This stuff has to stop, This kid is too good a QB to make mistakes this bad. Completely embarrassing.

    We're gonna lose this game 3-0 in OT.

    Who are we, the Raiders?!?!?! What's with all the EFFFINNNG penalties!!!!!!

    And how did we know that wouldn't happen.
    Cut cutler and this entire staff.
    We suck.

    and by we will score I meant another pick... sh...t

    Take Cutler out of the game, that ball would have been picked either way.
    Go 9ers.
    Game over.
    I hate this team

    I want to PUNCH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    QUESTION: If Bears lose this game, how many of you would root for them to lose the rest of their schedule?

    What is Lovie Smith laughing for?

    We are getting close to FG range and we will go with momentum into the half

    (first half comments done, now onto 2nd half comments)[/size][/size]

    If this isn't a terrible offensive team we're playing against, we are probably down three scores right now.

    [img width=450 height=289][/img]

    Can't wait to see the adjustments we've made.... NONE!

    On the bright side, Cutler throws the hardest, prettiest interceptions I've ever seen.

    God I'd give my left nut for an O-line

    He needs to benched, all you Cutler backers are dumb, dumb, dumb.
    He is the worst QB in the NFL.
    Bring in Hanie.

    holy cow. I long for the days of Grossman/Orton and Griese

    I think I just saw a monkey humping a football and he was laughing at how ridiculous the Bears look.

    By the way, I can't even get excited about our defense right now. You guys do realize we are playing against the 27th ranked offense in the NFL, right? They are worse than Cleveland for Christ's sake.

    So, our kickers are having a good game. lol

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I HATE that I love the Bears!!!!!!

    We have more pentalty yards than rushing yards. That is so awesome.

    This is the worst football game I have ever seen.

    End the game and season with an INT.
    Nice Jay, nice.

    there goes the season

    And that is the season.
    We are done

    man I wish I hadnt watched that. I am left without hope. See you guys next year. Tell Dennis he got his wish.

    I wonder if we can trade Cutler to Washington for two 1st round draft picks? Probably not.


    So epic.

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    Re: Bear fans hilarious comments and thoughts during and after loss to 49ers

    Hilarious.. I want to PUNCH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! I feel like that after our losses

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    Re: Bear fans hilarious comments and thoughts during and after loss to 49ers

    haha i love it....i like being on this side of the subject...if we talked college football, then i'd have some comments like that
    Ponder this....

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    Re: Bear fans hilarious comments and thoughts during and after loss to 49ers

    holy cow. I long for the days of Grossman/Orton and Griese

    hahahahahaha .... still there's always the draft to look forward to .. well least the second round onwards
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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