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    AP's Mock Draft: Russell Over Quinn

    [size=13pt]AP's Mock Draft: Russell Over Quinn[/size]

    By DAVE GOLDBERG Sunday, April 08, 2007

    7. MINNESOTA. If Quinn doesn't go high, he goes here. If he's not here, the Vikings might trade down (if there's a taker) and get one of the receivers who'll be around later. The secondary is nothing special. LEON HALL, CB, Michigan.

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    Re: AP's Mock Draft: Russell Over Quinn

    Hall is good, but not a good fit and not really worth passing over a OT (Levi Brown), QB (Quinn) or DE (Adams), WR (Jarrett or Meachem or Ginn or ...) at #7.

    The other picks are well-reasoned by the author, as he walks smoothly through the top 6 selections.
    But for Minnesota, he stubs his toe.

    You might ask; how would the above possible selections fit better than Hall?

    Brown: LT, switching McKinney over to RT, where his deficiency in pass blocking would be less problematic.

    Quinn; to initiate a QB competition, which he has the greatest potential to win.

    Adams; DE - then try to trade Udeze to any taker for a 3rd or 4th rd pick, or as part of an exchange of draft picks, in order to move up to draft a WR a few slots higher than the Vikings existing draft slots.
    If unable to trade Udeze, keep him until pre-season begins and an injury on another team creates a need to trade for a DE.

    Jarrett or Meachem or ... WR; if you don't know how the Vikings could use a WR, you weren't a Viking fan in 2006..... or weren't watching.

    Hall makes no sense at 7 with Winfield, Griffin, D.Edwards, Gordon.
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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