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Itallionstallion....what QB can CARRY their team? Farve? LOL.....look at this year. PManning? Can he play defense? Special teams, Block for himself? I think not.

Name a quarterback...including any HOF'er you want...if the O-Line, D, OC, RB's(mostly cause of the line) and everything else sucks...they will too. Archie Manning never made the playoffs....Marino never won the big one. THE QB DOES NOT PLAY ALL 11 SPOTS on D, O, and ST.

You seem to think they are playing tennis, golf, or bowling. Those are individual sports and you can say, ...hey Tiger really sucked this week. When a QB gets bad calls, has to run for his life, and has no support from his RB's....he is gonna suck no matter who he is. Add an injury, and a zillion other things...and you expect another Pro-Bowl? Because he picked up 53 men and carried them on his back? Perhaps your expectations of what a quarterback can do is a little high. McNabb sucked this year too. NBD right? CPep? Hang him.
Plenty of QBs can "carry" their team. Sure they have other players around them ... but Namath, Montana, Young, Kelly, Brady, McNabb (who has often done a lot with little), etc. have OFTEN carried their teams.
By the way ... exactly what about McNabb this year makes him suck? 16 TDs only 9 picks, a solid 85 rating and 2500 yards in only nine games? He was only 4-5, which definitely is not good ... but saying he sucked is a little over the edge ... C-Pep certifiably sucked.
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