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    Re: Anyone familiar with the Hennepin County Rams?

    I appreciate the Support Ned , I'm "patiently" waiting on a call right now I feel pretty good about my performance we have today off , and I have to admit playing organized again is nothing at all like the pickup games it's much more draining , I don't miss the conditioning at all lol

    @ ultra the link you posted just takes me back to the main site , do you remember the fella's name?

    @ Mr. Anderson they seem pretty organized to me , but i'm comparing it to a High School football team , which needless to say was a team of boys so obviously it is going to be a bit better prepaired with a team of grown men , as for my height and weight i'm 6'4 360 (before dinner) , the only problem i've faced so far is settling into the role of offensive lineman , I played Tight End all through my "glory years" so I have blocking experience , but the Superstar wants to catch touchdowns haha , it is exciting though there is lots of room for improvement .

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    Re: Anyone familiar with the Hennepin County Rams?

    we will keep our fingers crossed for u bud!

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