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    Re: another reason to hate the cowboys


    How could you hate the cowboys being in Oklahoma?
    It's your closest professional team besides the Sooners.


    If you were a Viking fan in the 70's you had to hate Dallas! No matter if you lived in Oklahoma or on Mars!


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    Re: another reason to hate the cowboys

    "RK." wrote:
    I hate the Cowboys and now after rolling over for the Redskins I have yet another reason to hate them. >

    I hope the Skins beat the crap out of them in the playoffs.
    The Skins deserve to be there.
    We blew our chance last week.
    But I still hate the Cowgirls for losing today.
    Blame Green Bay for not beating Chicago. Dallas would have had something to play for then.

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    Re: another reason to hate the cowboys

    "hx38596" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    "hx38596" wrote:
    "JeffSeimon" wrote:
    I agree...All I hear in Oklahoma is "Cowboys."
    Thats why I have Sirius radio and NFL Sunday Ticket.
    Every since Drew pushed Nate I have hated the Cowboys....
    I do however think the Cowboys tried today for a half,they were just outclassed.

    Drew Pearson or Drew Bledsoe?
    And who's nate?
    You need to learn a little Vikings history, dude.

    Drew Pearson pushed off of Vikings CB Nate Wright in the '75 playoffs to score a TD and win the game for the Cowboys.

    Lining up once again in shotgun formation, Staubach took the snap, pump-faked left, then turned to his right and fired the ball deep downfield. Cowboys WR Drew Pearson was out there, being shadowed by Vikings CB Nate Wright. Both turned to the outside to follow the flight of the ball, Pearson cutting under Wright. But Wright would slip on the frozen turf. Nevertheless, he seemed to be in position to stop the pass. As the ball came down, Pearson pushed off of Wright and caught the pass, trapping it against his hip at the 5-yard line. As Pearson strode into the end zone, free safety Paul Krause hurdled over Wright, screaming at field judge Armen Terzian for the interference call that was never made. And an orange whizzed by Pearson at the goal line. For his wonderful effort, Terzian was struck in the head and cut open by a whiskey bottle thrown from the stands. The old Met crowd, celebrating another Super Bowl just a moment
    Ah... I knew the Drew, but had no clue on Nate.
    Plus it wasn't a pushoff, at least not enough for a call. Don't let refs determine champions, have that be settled on the field by the players, not refs.

    This is known as the first "Hail Mary" pass. There have always been, and always will be, bad calls (or non-calls) on the field. Over time, they pretty much average this case, it killed the season for what I still believe to be the best team we ever had. I'll give credit to Pearson for holding onto the ball, but he did push off...fortunately for him, the ref missed it.
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