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    Andy Reid might get "Holmgren-ed"!

    The E-girls might take away Reid's title of VP of Football Operations:

    Quote from article justifying this move by the E-girls:

    "[T]he team needs an independent advocate, somebody separated from the management structure that has run the Eagles franchise with very mixed results. With Lurie, team president Joe Banner and Reid as coach and executive vice president, the organization has diffused power and shared responsibility. Translation: no accountability.

    More important, no one is fighting for the players on the field. There is a fine line between building a consensus and creating a cabal -- an echo chamber where the tough questions don't get asked because the answers are all the same. (See: Bush White House.)"

    The Vikings need to make sure that they don't fall into the same trap when they build their front office...otherwise, we will suffer the same fate!

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    Re: Andy Reid might get "Holmgren-ed"!

    Quick! Let's sign reid to a contract! lol :P

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Andy Reid might get "Holmgren-ed"!

    Reid is a good coach. He just had to deal with the TO issue all season.
    -- Sarcasm always turned on --

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    Re: Andy Reid might get "Holmgren-ed"!

    Reid is a great coach whom is complimented by a great defensive coordinator. I hope the Vikings get someone on the same level as him if not better.
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