Analysis of all RBs with >100 yd games (through Wk 11)

I have a spreadsheet with all the information from every RB that had a game with >100 yds rushing from this season.
The information is broken down by player and by carry and by quarter.
Here is some summary information.

Interestingly, if you average by the number of yds/qtr it is very similar:

1st qtr: 33 yds
2nd qtr: 27 yds
3rd qtr: 32 yds
4th qtr: 32 yds

Some people like to pull the outliers out, like the 95 yarder that Chester had.
Well, here's a summary of the long runs for every RB that has broken the 100 yd barrier this season.

Yards of longest run

90-100: 1.2%
80-90: 0%
70-80: 7.3%
60-70: 1.2%
50-60: 7.3%
40-50: 6.1%
30-40: 13.4%
20-30: 40.2%
0-20: 23.2%

That means 63% of all the >100 yd games by RBs this season were made up of runs of < 30 yds.
Almost a quarter of the over 100 yd games came from <20 yd runs added up.

I was just curious.
If anyone has any questions that I didn't look at related to this data set fire away.
It would only take a few seconds to figure other things out because it's all in a spreadsheet.