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    It Ain't Easy Being Three

    It Ain't Easy Being Three

    Date: May 9, 2006

    The Michael Bennett saga has been an interesting one that has taken its share of twists and turns. But his latest turn -- being effectively demoted to No. 3 running back -- has him scratching his head.

    The pro career of Michael Bennett has been one of highs and lows – going to a Pro Bowl in his second season to missing time with injuries in each of the last three.

    Bennett was “reunited” in a way with running back Deuce McAllister in New Orleans. When Bennett was drafted in 2001 with the 27th pick, it looked as though the Vikings were going to get McAllister. None of the teams directly in front of the Vikings on draft day needed a running back, so it came as something of a shock when the Saints – who didn’t have a first-round pick the year before as payment for trading all their 1999 draft picks in exchange for Ricky Williams – jumped in to grab Deuce.

    At the time, coach Dennis Green called Bennett a “gift from God,” but Bennett never lived up to his full potential and, when he became an unrestricted free agent, the Vikings made no effort to sign him – and neither did Green in his capacity with the Cardinals.

    Instead, Bennett landed in New Orleans, where he signed a two-year deal with base salaries of $700,000 and $1.2 million with a signing bonus of approximately $2.5 million. It seemed clear the Saints wanted him as a change of pace back as well as insurance for McAllister, who sustained a serious knee injury last season. But, when the Texans made the shocking move of signing Mario Williams, suddenly consensus first pick Reggie Bush fell to the Saints.

    Bush, who has many of the same qualities that made Bennett a first-round selection, has relegated Bennett to No. 3 duty and has him wondering about his future with the team.

    “I thought I was brought here for a reason,” Bennett told the local media. “But things happen. I can’t be bitter. I have a job. I could if I was out on the street, but I have a job and I’m going to make the best of whatever opportunity is available.”

    Don’t be surprised if the Saints shop Bennett around to a team that suffers an injury to its featured back early in the season.

    * The Lions had a grievance filed on behalf of the players by the Players Association claiming new coach Rob Marinelli is too tough in practice. That should go over well with the new head coach. The Lions have already had two days of off-season workouts taken away by the league for similar incidents of over-working the help.
    * The Vikings waived defensive tackle Cliff Washburn Monday. He had been signed off waivers from the Cowboys last month.
    * Former Viking Randy Moss fired his agent, Dante DiTrapano, Monday. DiTrapino and his wife are facing charges of possession of a large amount of crack and powder cocaine.

    Poor guy. You almost feel sorry for the dude. Hope all works out for him.

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    Thats the breaks in the NFL. You can't control injuries. I really wouldn't mind having his problem tho imagine getting that type of money to sit on the bench for two years.

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    I think he will be just fine at least I know I would be 2.5 million

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    If I got that much money to sit on my hiney, I would shut up and play with my money.

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    Really, but I met the guy at training camp last year and he gavew me his autograph and I talked with him and he seemed like a pretty good guy

    Hope everything works out for him!

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    He WILL get shopped early next season...someone WILL end up getting hurt on some other team...not wishing it on anyone...but the nature of the game makes it almost inevitable! :sad:

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    Re: It Ain't Easy Being Three

    I wish Bennett well. I hope he gets a chance to atleast be a #2 back. I think the Falcons might like him as a starter if they wanna replace speed with speed when Dunn retires.

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