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[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Against The Grain -- Week 7[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]

Some interesting observations, there are a lot of QB's having career years this year:

Passing is too easy in the NFL right now. The accumulation of rule changes, most recently protecting quarterbacks and receivers from hard hits, has created numbers that look ridiculous in the scope of NFL history. Good-to-average quarterbacks are putting up numbers that are hard to believe, and future Hall of Famers are having their way with defenses:


--The Texans’ Matt Schaub is on track to throw for more than 4,500 and 36 touchdowns.

--The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers completed 16 of 20 passes with three touchdowns against the Browns on Sunday, and has 11 TDs and just two picks on the season. If you look at the numbers, Rodgers, with a 110.8 passer rating, is better than Favre ever was.

--The Chargers’
Philip Rivers hasn’t thrown an interception since Week 2.

--The Broncos’ Kyle Orton has nine touchdowns and one interception on the season.

--The Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger had his worst statistical day of the season on Sunday (14-of-26 for 175 yards) and is still completing over 70 percent of his passes this season. His career best is 65.5 percent in 2003.

--Favre completed 34 of 51 passes in a losing effort against Pittsburgh. He’s completed 69 percent of his passes this season. His career best is 66.5 percent in 2007. Does anyone else find it weird he’s having one of his best seasons at this age? That’s because it’s so easy to pass right now.
Might be part of the reason you see old geezers like Favre throwing the ball a lot more than some would want.
Success through the air throughout the NFL seems to be a heavy trend this year.
I don't think it has really change that much. He listed 5 of the top 7 QB's in the league. The only one that hasn't had big years before is Orton, and he's very young and on a good offense for the first time. As the year goes on most of the QB's will come back to earth.
Besides the coaching staff shouldn't care what other teams are doing. The Vikings are throwing more because of what Favre and the Vikings are doing.
When did Schaub have a big year?

Can you remember a year where you had so many QBs on pace for 20-30 TDs with less than 10 picks? Nope, because there isn't one.

It is CLEARLY too easy to pass in the NFL right now. Because of contact rules on the QBs and WRs teams realize it is much easier to move through the air than on the ground and are taking advantage of it.

I doubt the NFL will do much to change it, but passing records will continue to fall left and right.
Schaub is having a career year, but he was pretty good last year too. He only played 11 games but had 15td,11int 3000yards and a QB rating of 92.7rating, he's over a 90QB rating for his career. Every year a couple QB's have great years that you didn't expect, especially when the team around them gets better.

Only 1 QB is on pace to have over 30td and less than 10int,
Tom Brady.

Only 5 QB are on pace to have 20 TD and less 10 int, Orton, Rodgers, Favre, Rivers and Brady.

I think records will continue to fall but that has been going on for a while, the rules were in place before they are just getting enforced a little more. As the season goes on some of those top QB's will struggle and some of the poorer QB's will improve. Injuries are also a part of it, as the season goes on more teams will turn to back up QB's and stats will decrease. Cold weather games make passing harder too.

Or maybe I'm wrong and this is the year it all changes.