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Thread: 41.7 Million

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    Re: 41.7 Million

    "Jimmymeboy" wrote:
    Waaaay too much cash for a kid who hasn't even played a down in the NFL.
    There has got to be a rule change in this area.
    Who the hell wants to have a top 3 pick when you end up mortgaging a teams future on a fucking coin flip?!?
    It's gotten totally out of control!
    That's why the same teams seem to be in the top-5 every year - Detroit, KC, Oakland, Cleveland, etc.

    How much of the Lions' cap is now committed to this guy?


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    Re: 41.7 Million

    Apparently fumbleceptor isn't the franchise quarterback over in deteroit. Never saw that coming. Talking about a sick feeling. You are the number one pick in the draft, and you end up in detroit, the only team to go 0 and 16.
    I bet you could use a cool one huh Clark...Now you're talkin Eddie...

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    Re: 41.7 Million

    Is this a sign that a rookie Salary cap is coming?

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    Re: 41.7 Million

    He has Linehan for an OC. If he could make Culpepper look that good even when Moss was injured he should be able to do wonders with Stafford and CJ

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