[size=16pt]The 32 NFL Quarterbacks and their Major League Pitching Equivalents[/size]


These comparisons were based on anything from a player’s successes, awards, honors, skill level, style of play, intangibles, personality, draft selection, physical tools, length of career, and/or anything else that seemed like a logical correlation.
Brett Favre and Pedro Martinez – Legends in their respective sports, both are widely considered two of the best of all time. Both single-handedly dominated the game in their prime. Both have laser-rocket arms. Their handful of records, MVPs, Cy Young’s and championships only confirms their legacy. They both shine in the spot light and they both love to be there. Both are cursed/blessed with the never-ending competitive drive and neither can bear retirement. Both tried a stint in New York and another one with a “team they think they can win another title with.”

Some of them are pretty funny. I like the one for Russell. For Favre, I thought of Roger Clemens first, but Pedro is just as sweet.